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Male-Female Conflict–101…

I present this commentary in order to give my readership (blog, Facebook, wherever) a general reference to what I’m talking about when I address issues involving the myriad varieties of female repression throughout the world (50+% of the human species). As a revolutionary socialist and a male feminist, I have an additional responsibility to use my cultural privileges in a manner that best serves ALL of humanity (or wallow–as conservatives opine against those who empathize and connect w/ALL of humanity–in denial, reactionary guilt and self-pity).

CarterWomen-001Any normal person would have to wonder, “Where does all this gender conflict come from? Why are women in general and in extremis repressed . . . and worse? Or, is there even a “source”?

Is the political spectrum of sexual dimorphism (the bio-natural differences between men and women) by males to dominate natural . . . as misogynists and conservatives believe?
Personally, I think there are historical antecedents to the struggle for and against equality over and above our obvious physical differences; it’s certainly not a necessary consequence.

For a general overview, briefly, one can start with humanity’s Paleolithic beginnings, say, from some 50,000-yrs-ago.
As an avid historian—including anthropology and archaeology—I’ve followed research that early human habitation sites (home & hearth) document the presence primarily of females, children and old/infirm males. In other words, women ruled the roost. Where were the healthy adult males?

These sites document the preponderance of female fertility totems and a diet of some 90+% being local vegetation and small animals. One can include in this observation the fact that much of the early cave-art was also created by females (given finger-fluting evidence researched by Prof. Dean Snow, Penn State).
FingerFlutingOne might reasonably presume that males bonded together in hunting, fighting and the pursuit of non-related females. Big game actually provided a very small part of the overall family diet according to middens and other “trash-mound” evidence. In any event, healthy males were largely absent from home chores and responsibilities (as is often the case today).

The fly in the ointment came about some 10,000+yrs-ago when men were forced by socially-evolving circumstances back into home/family-based living.
The factors that dictated this change were probably increased populations, decreased open hunting grounds and large game animals, and threats from other population groups. This probably also coincided w/the development of agriculture, herding and other changes.
One of the major power-role relationships that women previously had pretty much to themselves included both the general rule of home-life and control over the spiritual life of the family.

This objective creation of generally monogamous families—males asserting and usurping property rights over females and their children—set up a perpetual conflict for power that echoes down through history to this very day. We witness the vast variety of its forms throughout human culture.
A significant aspect of that competition is manifested in human spiritual life. Males could hardly leave that power to females and still claim ultimate rule.  So their own form of ancient, open-hunt/sky-daddy, male-ancestral myths and worship came to dominate the family, the tribe and evolving partnership w/the state (whichever male-wealth elite group prevails).

Relatives-1Interestingly, it assumed the exact opposite of female spirituality; an all-powerful male sky-daddy that rules over the entire cosmos.
In fact, as synthesized in its current form created only some 3,000+yrs-ago by Abram from ancient Sumer, his supreme male deity does not even require the presence of a female partner. In fact, in the male version of “Genesis,” the women was created from the man, in direct opposition to the obvious natural reality!

He alone existed thru eternity, “created” man in his own image (as claimed, of course, by male authors), belatedly created a female helpmate from the man . . . ad absurdum.
The cultic partners derived from this religion (Christianity and Islam, today comprising over 55% of the Earth’s religions), carry on this tradition into even further male-focus absurdities (one being the “immaculate conception” of Jesus, another being either 72 virgins awaiting male heroes in heaven or a 72-yr-old virgin…I couldn’t quite translate which.)  I always wondered what women get out of any of this.

(Part of the answer, of course, is that “successful” females in any male-dominated culture are largely determined by how “male” and male-philosophy subjugated they are. Hillary Rodham-Clinton is perhaps today’s best example of this. More than the power and ideological backbone behind Big Bubba (Bill Clinton), now she seeks to rule in her own right . . . by out-machoing the corporatist profiteering and war-hawking of the males.)

Gradually, female spirituality, deities and beliefs were repressed and, when necessary to male rule, literally burned at the stake.
Where does all this lead? In a nutshell, what we witness today on Earth is an ongoing partnership of these male religious beliefs serving the male predatory power struggle for total dominion over the human race increasingly concentrated to fewer and fewer; the logical consequence of socio-economic parasitism.

(The supreme irony, of course, is that these elite, male-ideological oppressions of the planet and the human species, creates the foundation for its own beliefs. There is NOTHING natural in any of it.)

SuperNova-001In simple terms: Every struggle has its logical conclusion. Either these fewer and fewer self-elites of males will self-destruct, humanity will assume social consciousness and responsibility, or it will be the common ruination of the planet (at least for our species).

I suspect our alien comrades observing from other points throughout the Galactic Cosmos are taking bets on the latter.  On the other hand, I’ve always wondered if at least some of those “supernovas” we witness out there aren’t in fact, localized evidence of cosmic justice over other similarly predatory species?

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD), July 2015…