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Criminal Corporations & The Law…

Throughout American history there have been occasions when gov’t and society have labeled monopoly capitalism in violation of fair competition and free enterprise and busted them up. Today (August 2016, The Director of the FBI is a Board member of this Clinton Foundation connected enterprise.)

Banking conning tower..

Banking conning tower..

Congress’s first such law was the Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890. Senator John Sherman (R-OH) was the brother to famed Union General William Tecumseh Sherman. more…

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Christopher Dorner & the LAPD: Who’s Fight is it?

Well, they apparently lost no time in locating Christopher Dorner and cleansing the whole cop vs. cop affair with fire (their preferred method). The LAPD can now return to “protecting and serving” LA, when they aren’t terrorizing it.Man Hunt On For Former LAPD Officer Suspected Of Shooting Police Officer

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) boasts that only 3% of its 220,000+ prisoners are violent, predatory criminals. The LAPD outstrips that percentage by far.

Even the FBI admits that upwards of 40% of the national police forces are guilty of family violence alone. Rarely does a day go by that some felonious atrocity by police isn’t broadcast…and that’s only the ones of which we learn. more…

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1945: What if…?

I thought I should share this interesting article by history professor Peter Dreier that recently came to my attention regarding FDR’s vice-president during World War-II, Henry A. Wallace (1941-45).HenryWallace

Wallace deserves a significant place in our history. Corporatists and their political cadre are certainly well aware of this (that’s why they ignore it).

Dreier was inspired to pen the article, “Henry Wallace, America’s forgotten Visionary,” in Truthout, inspired by part of Oliver Stone’s current TV series, “The Untold History of the United States.”. more…