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Tennessee Deliverance–1963…

Here’s an ancient incident w/a lesson for today’s budding activists. It happened to me back in ’63 (I was 21). I won’t be around much longer, so pay attention. CountryStore-001

My Nashville bride didn’t like her New York stay. So, as agreed, she and the kids moved back to Tennessee.

I soon followed with a few belongings along with my old family photo album and other memorabilia.

Stopping my tricked-out ’57 Pontiac at a country store just outside Springfield, TN, I got some gas and a used tire at a cost of $11. more…

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Jim Crow & Freedom Riders…

At (now 73) I’ve traveled much of the Americas—North, South and Central—the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  And for my class and political tenacity (or as some prefer: stubbornness), I’ve spent more than a total of 23-yrs in jails and prisons around the planet.

If you support the establishment of Constitutional Democratic Socialism and actively participate in that future…you will do time … assuming you survive.

In all of that travel and circumstances, I’ve encountered two horrific and systemic examples of racist hate and violence: the American Old South and Colonial-Settler Israel.

(One might reasonably opine, especially given that many of the leaders and emigrants to Israel are American and American-educated, that our early colonial history of native genocide and African slavery is the running template for Zionist Eretz Yisrael since before it’s establishment in 1948.)

(When I originally wrote this in 2011, it was) the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Rides.  Well over half of the US and the world today were not even born yet back in 1961. For them, I suppose it’s all just ancient history.  For me, it was yesterday.