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Detroit Jubilee!

I got off the Trailways in downtown Detroit Saturday morning, the 18th of September, 1965. My sole possessions were on my back.IM000006.JPG

Walking a couple of blocks to the ancient Saginaw Trail cum Woodward Avenue–the white man’s first paved-concrete road in the world–Detroit’s Finest lost no time picking me up. I could hardly blame them…

I wore a cut-off, coarse white shirt with a faded “P” on the back, white pants of the same material and a pair of well-worn Beatle boots with no zippers. No socks, no underwear, no ID. After 23-yrs on Earth and six years in the Old South, that just about summed me up. more…

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2013…Jubilee Year?

Allow me to open the New Year with some basics. Given a 25-yr bit with the feds I’ve had plenty of time to spend on studying humanity from the ancient Neolithic to relatively modern times (the stone to Bronze and Iron ages; 10,000-2000 BCE).

Some think that humanity has socially progressed over the past 10,000 years. Technically perhaps, but for the rest of it…. more…