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Julian Assange: Courage vs. Cowardice…

A person we see dominating the news these days is the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange.  Whistle-blowers and patriots, having leaked gov’t and military secrets to the site, are giving the keepers of these essentially political papers fits.

WikiLeaks: Julian Assange

No greater fury hath…  There is an axiom in politics: The worse thing you can do is publicly embarrass an institutional bureaucrat.

After an international police (Interpol) manhunt, Assange was arrested and imprisoned in Britain without bail awaiting extradition to Sweden for “sex offenses.”  All of this “coincided” with the US attack on WikiLeaks.

As prisoners of the largest gulag in world history—namely, the United States—I believe we have an interest in understanding and following this “criminal” case.  We have more than a few of our own irons in that systemic justice fire. more…