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Inverted Totalitarianism & Conservative Reaction…

Former President Jimmy Carter recently declared his support for NSA whistleblower Ed Snowden. He also  said that the revelations show that, “America does not have a functioning democracy at this point in time.”

InquisitionChristopher Hedges, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author of eight books and a foreign correspondent for the NY Times and other publications covering numerous wars for many years, describes the current state of affairs more succinctly as “ruthless totalitarian capitalism.”

Hedges concludes from his experiences and the historical record that hope is not sufficient, “We must grasp reality to build effective resistance.”

“We are emulating,” he continues, “the collapse of past civilizations, all of the mistakes that complex societies have made over the centuries in 5,000 years of human civilization.

“At the end, elites retreat into self-protected enclaves, forbidden cities…just as our elite has utterly unplugged itself from day-to-day reality. The formal mechanisms of power don’t work. We’ve undergone what John Ralston Saul calls correctly a coup d’état, a corporate coup d’état in slow-motion.”

(Detroit today is probably the best example and model of where all this current ultra-right corporatism is going.)

“It’s over. They’ve won. We live in a system of inverted totalitarianism. And by that I mean it’s not classical totalitarianism. It doesn’t find its expression through a demagogue or a charismatic leader, but through the anonymity of the corporate state….”

“In inverted totalitarianism, you have corporate forces that purport to be loyal to the Constitution, electoral politics, the iconography and language of American patriotism, and yet internally have seized all of the levers of power to render citizens impotent….$Ford$

“The Democrats are as beholden to corporate power as the Republicans. The judiciary has become a wholly owned subsidiary of the corporate state.”

(Most people aren’t even aware. Whereas not that many years ago, there were many hundreds of independent media organizations, today over 90+% of the media are owned and operated by six corporations.)

“If we’re resisting against a fantasy or fiction…then everything we do is futile. So I think it’s fundamental that we grasp reality in order to build effective resistance. And, unfortunately,” Hedges concludes, “reality at this moment in human history is pretty bleak.”

Hedges refers often to Sheldon S. Wolin’s, Democracy Incorporated: Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism (Princeton 2008).

“At best the nation has become a ‘managed democracy,’” Wolin argues, “where the public is shepherded, not sovereign. At worst it is a place where corporate power no longer answers to state controls.”

Sheldon Wolin (91) is a former professor of political philosophy at Princeton and other universities. He was a bomber pilot in WW-II.

Where does all this corporatist madness come from? There are a variety of ways and means by which we interpret our social and political existence. The physical layout of the brain is relatively well known.

The brain has evolved various unified and compartmentalized segments over millions of years to deal with sight, speech, physical movement, conscious thought and emotional reactions. We learn culture, language, morays and morals thru set bio-physical and developmental processes.

One of the most critical areas relative to the higher cognitive functions (sentient thought), is the limbic system and its organs, such as the hippocampus and the amygdala. Without the limbic system, we’d basically be biological computers: Reactive automatons to the sensate environment.

With these organs, our perceptions are not simply rote reactions but establishes related memory and inputs emotional content that determine how we feel about our thoughts…their emotional content.

When great emotion wells from your thinking regarding, say, a sexual partner, or a patriotic response, or some perceived threat, it’s the limbic organs that autonomously insert that property into your thinking.

Another example of this is one’s startle reflexes to unexpected or threatening stimuli. Our body responds to these w/out the input of conscious thinking.



Over millions of years of natural selection we’ve evolved this reflex. It’s a survival mechanism that we inherit thru our genes (those potential ancestors that failed, didn’t survive long enough to procreate).

However, its application in modern society is quite complex, both in a positive sense and also as the source of personal and social problems. We inherit a variety of these ancient systems that today serve other functions.

One way of analyzing this reflex is to understand that all perceived sensations normally add a short cut thru the amygdala. It autonomically assesses all sensations for threat and emotional value and has the body respond in quite literally a third of a second. No consciousness is required.

When I’ve worked criminal cases and a defendant says, “I don’t know what I was thinking…I just reacted!” He may well be literally correct.

Also, once a reaction starts it may continue with one’s conscious thought riding along more or less as a passenger. (Some describe this as, “It was like I was watching myself or someone else without having any control!”)

I’ve also often-enough heard the comment, “I couldn’t seem to stop. Once started, I just seemed to be possessed.”  This also helps to explain some blind-spots in one’s witnessing of traumatic events. I’ve experienced it myself…spooky.

It’s difficult (and legally problematic) even when you’re aware of this condition to realize where the line is drawn between autonomic reaction and conscious control.

People often tend to believe that there’s something wrong with them if they can’t assert total control all the time. That would be no more possible then for Captain Kirk to both order the Enterprise to turn, and run down himself to engineering to accomplish it.Debs

Sociopaths, of course, could care less. Thus, one could draw logical conclusions regarding extended reactions to, say, certain actions and consciousness of longer-term political, social and economic decisions.

Ultra-conservative, punitive authoritarian Senator John Boehner is an example of this latter sociopathic process.

A good overview of early conditioning and moral development can be found thru the work of Dr. Lawrence Kohlberg.  Dr. George Lakoff also speaks to this effect in terms of political moral interpretations.

Human life normally starts out for all of us as infantile individuals focused totally on ourselves and our own wants, needs and progress in our early formative years.

Of course, one’s family, peers, school, state, religion and media subsequently have a profound effect on who we become psychologically, socially and culturally.

“Free will” comes into play in the higher cognitive functions, which includes (as stated above) both sensate information and its combination to associated emotional (limbic) content.

Explaining how individuals achieve a higher social consciousness and are able to associate their early emotive conditioning to serve a higher purpose is an entire discipline of its own.

One of the obscene facts I’ve recently read is that the richest 300 individuals on the planet have more wealth than the bottom three billion people! The human species has a long, long way to go (even assuming that the super-privileged elite don’t destroy the earth in the meantime…).

What I often say to my more progressive, even revolutionary compatriots is, “We all came from somewhere (else). We all grow and develop to be something better…or not. If we don’t learn to reach out and resist together, there will be no future worth surviving on this planet.”

Dr. Publico

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“Rise up…or Die!”

There is definitely a measure of satisfaction in witnessing main-street journalists writing and advocating what revolutionists have been preaching all along.LesMiz

Given the overt success of class war by the corporatist elite, only the willfully ignorant and conservative cadre ignore and/or gleefully support the looting of the economy, the impoverishment and de-democratization of the masses, and the destruction of public gov’t. more…

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Holy Jesus… What the…?

It never ceases to amaze me what people will believe…WitchHunt

I mean, think about it! Corporatist klanners (the Tea Party) are shocked that their “non-profit” fronts have been targeted for investigation by the IRS for illicit political activity?

Their corporate-owned and operated “news” media lead the mob in witch-hunting this dastardly deed. Meanwhile, neo-liberals stifle their mirth behind a façade of investigating “the usual suspects.more…

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Detroit’s Dictatorship…

The corporate criminals now ruling Detroit hardly bother disguising their intent any longer. For them it’s open class war and most of the victims are clueless as to the source of their social and political impoverishment.

Detroit: A Fixer-Upper...

Detroit: A Fixer-Upper…

From time to time, as capital-corporatism is confronted with its own Ponzi-like profiteering, these privateers either accept a compromise from their unbridled predatory practice or seek to place the full burden of their theft on the “lower” classes. Today, they’re going for the Full Monte…again. more…

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Overseer Rules Detroit; Corporateers Advance Counter-Revolutionary Agenda…

Disclosure: The author is a democratic, constitutional socialist and a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD). I conclude that the emerging corporatist state is a psychopathic pathology.

Some of my political and professional colleagues consider the liberal-conservative paradigm to be one of a left-right socio-political dichotomy. I do not, at least not completely. It is far more that of a developmental continuum. Its most mature stage is universalized social consciousness and responsibility.

The more one experiences during their formative years the pathology of authoritative, punitive and individualized self-entitlement, the less mature is their development and the more fixated they become in self-focus and infantile projection (how they perceive others and their environment).

Corporateers and their cadre are at root a partnership of those who are developmentally fixated on profiteering and sociopathologically-framed mental syndromes and disorders. more…

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Criminal Corporations & The Law…

Throughout American history there have been occasions when gov’t and society have labeled monopoly capitalism in violation of fair competition and free enterprise and busted them up. Today (August 2016, The Director of the FBI is a Board member of this Clinton Foundation connected enterprise.)

Banking conning tower..

Banking conning tower..

Congress’s first such law was the Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890. Senator John Sherman (R-OH) was the brother to famed Union General William Tecumseh Sherman. more…

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1945: What if…?

I thought I should share this interesting article by history professor Peter Dreier that recently came to my attention regarding FDR’s vice-president during World War-II, Henry A. Wallace (1941-45).HenryWallace

Wallace deserves a significant place in our history. Corporatists and their political cadre are certainly well aware of this (that’s why they ignore it).

Dreier was inspired to pen the article, “Henry Wallace, America’s forgotten Visionary,” in Truthout, inspired by part of Oliver Stone’s current TV series, “The Untold History of the United States.”. more…

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The Soul of America…

Having lived on Earth for 70 years, warehoused in a dozen federal prisons for 20, and now “free” for the past three, my knowledge and experience with all this compu-high tech is limited. Tech-wise, I might as well have been on a prison asteroid.PrisonMiningColony

America, the land of the world’s largest prison gulag system in the history of the world, currently 2.4 million souls and growing, will most definitely usher in prisons on asteroids. I can almost predict how it’ll go down. more…

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Psychopaths in Schools & Sociopaths in Politics…

Between natural catastrophes and personal madness, there’s a lot on our plate this holiday season. We sure don’t need the ruling elite and their conservative cadre manufacturing a fiscal cliff to further satiate their greed.

I believe personally and professionally (PsyD) that there’s a basic nexus between the pathological individualism of those who commit mass-murder and those who impoverish millions of families in pursuit of personal profit and power. more…

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We The People vs. Corporatism…

Class War! There’s no delicate way to put it. Nor is there any single way to fight it.  This is far more than a routine political election.  All who sit or play on the sidelines are on the wrong side of history.  It’s not Obama’s ass on the line…it’s ours!

Click on image to enlarge…

(Disclosure: I’m convinced that (1) the Republican Party has become a total creature of the corporate elite.  (2) A growing mass of the US population has been abandoned by Democratic Party leadership, which primarily serves corporate interests.

(The Dems (3) are at least an open party with many disparate elements, and (4) I believe that an opportunity exists for progressive and socialist cadre to become a conscious faction of the only mass party in the US that is available to the average American in order to reach and represent the abandoned mass not otherwise available to those outside the two-party system.) more…