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Nada Prouty & 60 Minutes…

Last night on 60 Minutes, one of the featured topics was Nada Prouty, a former Special Agent for the FBI, CIA operative, and combat veteran of the first rank.  (The “First Rank” is reserved for those individuals who serve “We the people” in its most ideal context.)

Nada Prouty

Nada Prouty

Nada is originally from Lebanon.  At 19, she moved to the Detroit area to attend college.  To secure her citizenship, she married an American.  The marriage was a technicality and therein lay the submerged mine…  To any reasonable person, her life and career has been one of America’s finest examples.

The 60 Minute’s video segment, and the CIA’s extraordinary investigation and exoneration of Nada speaks for itself.  You be the judge. more…