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Beauty & The Beast…

A good friend of mine took me aside at a benefit that I spoke at last Friday concerning Marie Mason and Eric McDavid doing draconian sentences in federal prison.  He asked me, soto voce, if I really wanted to get a ride home with another friend who had offered.

All ships come to Justice…

“Why not?” I asked.

“You don’t know what happened?” he said.

I realized that he was talking about a drug bust this other friend had recently sustained. He was obviously concerned with my potential legal exposure given my continuing elderly offender home detention status. A reasonable concern.

I chuckled about it and blew the matter off. I took the ride.

Nevertheless, it’s a good topic to address and was in part the subject of my dissertation for a doctorate in psych. more…

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“See no evil…”

Just as one sister, Marilyn Buck,  is released (only in time to die at home 3 wks later, saving the Bureau the expense), another fills her space at the infamous FMC Carswell, a women’s federal prison in Texas—a state that never quite got over its wannabe-slave roots.

Marie Jeanette Mason, 48, #04672-061.  “Eco-terrorist.”

I thought they’d listen.  I meant to inspire thought and compassion for those without a voice in the world.  I thought to create a consciousness where innocence reigns…I thought to bring reason and justice to a Nature that spent uncounted millions of years to achieve its measure of wisdom.

     While Carswell claims to be a medical facility, it is in fact a catch-all administrative center for female prisoners (the largest growing demographic in American criminal “justice”).  The primary care provided by the BOP and its “medical” personnel, is essentially documentation—a paper chase.  Actual care, much less medical procedures, is virtually non-existent.  FMC Carswell is a prison, one of the worst. more…