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Open Letter to Terrorists…

Back in ’65 at 23, when I was released from one of the South’s most brutal and notorious rock-quarry, chain-gangs, I was put on the first bus going north.   I got a factory job, earned enough money to pay a friend out, and he moved with me back to Detroit.

PA State Police & Klan, 1928...

   David had issues.  He was so abused as a child that it was inevitable he would either end up in prison or, if he was able to avoid a criminal record, become a cop (the brutal type).  He often came back to our apartment having been in a fight.

   One night, he explained, he had gone to Shooter’s Bar next door, had a beer, and didn’t like the way people looked at him.  After loudly telling everyone that he was going to beat all their asses, they promptly beat his.

   I came up with an idea.  I gave him a piece of chalk and told him to keep it in his pocket.

   “What for?” he asked.

   “Well, the next time you get this urge to start a fight, draw a line down the center of the bar and tell those on the other side that you’re gonna kick only their asses.  Chances are, half the bar will ignore you!” more…