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Dupnik v. Arpaio: Reason v. Reaction…

As a psychologist (PsyD) with plenty of working class, journalistic, investigative, and political experience (including 22+ yrs in numerous jails and prisons around the planet), I often fail to bite my tongue and keep my mouth shut.  Today is no exception.

My Muse: Psych Kat...

Shrinks learn early in our education and professional training that how a person is treated, especially in young, formative years, is usually predictive of adult behaviors.  This axiom accounts significantly for the therapeutic foundations behind transference and projection:  How a person responds to and treats others helps inform us of their early history and basic character.

Generally speaking, people who are raised in a nurturant home (the specific form–nuclear family, single parent, straight, gay, etc.–is irrelevant) with rational and reasonable boundaries and responsibilities, tend to become mature nurturant adults. more…

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Six More Notches for Sarah Palin & Co….

When Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda ministry, Fox News, took on the chore of “handling” Sarah Palin for her designated role in their vision of a future corporatist America, they probably didn’t count on the Tea-Bagger Mama-Grizzly-Queen advocating the gunning down of her opponents.

Palin's Crosshairs Website...

   Bad enough that they’re still trying to spin their other



Glenn Beck

, and the six whackos he’s inspired so far to



Fortunately for Fox, Frau Paliner can take refuge in the fact that she only posted rifle crosshairs on her website over a map of some 20 “Dem targets,” including Gabrielle Giffords with her commentary: “Don’t retreat, RELOAD!” more…