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Dateline: Detroit, June 6th, 2042…

Pursuant to the recent US Supreme Court decision led by Chief Justice Sarah Palin, the federal Bureau of Prisons, Inc. complied with the Court’s directive to relieve the “cruel and unusual” overcrowding with an initial release of the notorious Big Mama Thorndyke.

ADX Florence, CO: Only what's ABOVE ground...

Big Mama, our readership will recall, was part of the anarchist NORML Gang that terrorized the nation back in the teens. She’s been doing her time at the BOP’s super-max prison, ADX Florence, CO, since 2017. She wasn’t scheduled to get out for another 86 years.

While she’s been in a diabetic coma for several years, many responsible figures in corporate gov’t believe that she remains a terrorist threat to the community. more…

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Six More Notches for Sarah Palin & Co….

When Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda ministry, Fox News, took on the chore of “handling” Sarah Palin for her designated role in their vision of a future corporatist America, they probably didn’t count on the Tea-Bagger Mama-Grizzly-Queen advocating the gunning down of her opponents.

Palin's Crosshairs Website...

   Bad enough that they’re still trying to spin their other



Glenn Beck

, and the six whackos he’s inspired so far to



Fortunately for Fox, Frau Paliner can take refuge in the fact that she only posted rifle crosshairs on her website over a map of some 20 “Dem targets,” including Gabrielle Giffords with her commentary: “Don’t retreat, RELOAD!” more…