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Compromise This…

Two of the stupidest beliefs I’ve ever heard—but are often taken for gospel—are, 1. Workers require corporate management in order to succeed at business, and 2. The state requires formally “educated” leaders.

Wall Street and Bush should have put those notions to rest, but the persistence of a “just world” philosophy won’t allow for most people to perceive the forest.

Of course, what they really mean is, workers should only concern themselves with selling their labor to the bosses, and the corporate state requires obedience to the capital-profit philosophy.

Prisoner Lula 1980

Let’s take a brief glance at a somewhat different example: Brazil.  Brazil is the fifth largest nation on earth, just behind the US.  It too is an immigrant nation.  We being a former colony of Britain, and Brazil being one of Portugal (their national language).

We both started out in competition with native populations and the mass enslavement of Africans.  Unlike the US, racial mix was far more extensive in Brazil.  They never created a mythology of  racial superiority like the US, and incorporate it thru segregation and Jim Crow laws. more…