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What Are We Waiting For?

At the risk of becoming a Cassandra, I again address the headlong plunge by America into state corporatism.  Sometimes we refuse to listen because of the source.

They already won...

Paul Craig Roberts is a character with such a many-colored coat.  He was an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Ronald Reagan, an Associate Editor at the Wall Street Journal, a much-lauded academician and researcher, and he wrote a number of books, including, Good Intentions: How Prosecutors and Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice (2008).

Roberts wrote recently for on December 29th, that “Anyone who doesn’t believe that the US is an incipient fascist state needs only to consult the latest assault on civil liberties by Fox News.”  (The specific occasion is not important to this article…there are many examples to choose from.)  more…