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Progressives and Parasites…

There are two kinds of justice in America.  There’s the ideal version, whose proponents believe that basic rights exist and innocence counts for something.

Then there’s the conservative, “technical” version.  For these adherents, there are no rights.  People have to earn what they get, and whatever they do get is what they deserve.

Kevin Cooper lives in the latter version, albeit he would prefer the former.  He was convicted of murdering a white family of four back in ’83.  He’s scheduled to get the needle in a few months.

As far as conservative justices are concerned, he got his day in a California court, therefore he’s long overdue to pay for the crime.  However, there are 11 federal appellate judges who believe that Mr. Cooper is innocent.  In fact, they believe he was framed for the murder by the police! more…