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Conservative “Justice”…

One of my cellmates used to be a cop in Cambridge, Mass.  He and his partner did personal drugs on occasion.  When his partner got busted, he agreed to a sting in order to beat the case by snitching out Emilio, my cellmate.

Federal Judge Jack Camp

Long story short:  Emilio did not “cooperate.”  He went to trial.  Nothing pisses off the prosecutors and judges more than someone who won’t at least flip to a plea bargain.  Their typical retaliation comes at sentencing.

The jury came back with a compromise verdict finding Emilio guilty of only the conspiracy count (not realizing that that charge is the tail the wags the dog).  He was found not guilty of the predicates and objects of the conspiracy, which would normally obviate any conspiracy charge…there being no one with which to conspire.

However, the US Supreme Court has ruled that as a “technicality” in typical conservative double-speak.  (Conservatives consider all “rights” as “technical,” except for themselves, of course.)  more…