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Male-Female Conflict–101…

Originally posted in July or 2015, given the recent upsurge in the struggle by women for social equality–in my view predicated by the pathology of misogyny exhibited by President Trump–I believe that this is a good time for an update.  As a Revolutionary Socialist and a Marxist-Feminist, I tend to look at and for the historical long-view for some answers…

Where does all this gender conflict in society come from? Why are women in general repressed . . . and worse?  Is the political spectrum of sexual dimorphism (the bio-natural differences between men and women) by males to dominate natural?  It’s certainly not a necessary consequence of our biology. Socio-moral development (culture) is learned.  It is not a natural biological development in our social relations.

I start with humanity’s Paleolithic beginnings, some 50,000-yrs-ago.  As an avid historian—including anthropology and archaeology—I’ve followed research that early human habitation sites (home & hearth) document the presence primarily of females, children and old/infirm males. In other words, women ruled the roost. Where were the healthy adult males?


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RELIGION: The Second Oldest Scam…

Maybe I’m wrong and 84% of the world that identifies as religious is correct… ¿Quien sabe?  It seems to me that the more advanced (or at least older) that the world gets, the crazier are its religions.  One would think that things would get more rational…

Religions-001Take the current World Axis of Evil for instance, the Judeo-Christian-Islamic mega-cult: If we believe their own writings, the originator some 4000-yrs-ago was Abram, the son of an Oracle Priest (or an idol-peddler) named Terah from the City of Ur in the ancient Sumerian Empire.
Terah, Abram, his half-sister/wife Sarai, and the rest of the extended family relocated to the Land of the Canaanites, Phoenicians and others. They changed their names to Abraham and Sarah, elected one of the Sumerian pantheon—the mountain storm god—as their personal tribal god, and made claim to all the lands of Canaan. Still do, in fact.
Lest anyone try to impose another god, Abraham claimed his god as the one and only supreme god of the entire universe. Further, he took the core of the ancient Sumerian Epics as his own story of Genesis after editing them considerably.

(After all, w/the rapid decline of Sumer who would ever know? Never realizing that some 3800-yrs later, the ancient sands would offer up cuneiform tablets from the Sumer archives.)

Abraham claimed that his god offered him and his chosen progeny exclusive rights to the land he intended to usurp.  “A land w/out a people, a people w/out a land,” indeed.
In furtherance of his own call and claims, he fathered a son by his Egyptian servant-girl, Hagar. But following the pharaonic practice of sister-love, he also had a son with his half-sister, Sarah, and his god then rejected the first kid, commanding the young man and his mother to wander the desert for eternity.

In his dotage, Abraham decided to slit the throat of his sister’s kid, Isaac, but got lucid at the last moment (Isaac later claimed all inheritance to himself) and that was the auspicious beginnings of Judaism. Oh yeah, after Sarah died, Abraham had six more sons with another women, Keturah, probably one of his concubines. He shipped all them off as well.

SumerCrescent-001Two millenia later, the self-messianic step-son of a $millionaire contractor, Yeshua (Jesus), took on the Romans and the Jewish establishment.

(His 12-yr-old mother, a Temple Virgin auctioned off to the contractor-widower, had got preggers when her betrothed was off w/his sons on a Roman job in Lebanon; all of them, that is, except the youngest, James, 17.)

Failing to establish a revolutionary vanguard cadre and winning over the masses, he was betrayed, arrested, convicted, tortured and executed.
However, there already actually existed a “Christian”/cross-based insurrectionist slave movement throughout Rome and the colonies; they simply lacked an appropriate figure-head martyr. Saul (Paul), a Jewish-Roman leader, failed to be accepted by the original cadre, so he extending his executed “messiah” (along w/a revolutionary-resurrection story) to the Gentiles and ran w/it. Modern Christianity was thus born.

Another 600-yrs-later, an Arabist leader, Mohammad, a merchantman, got the same idea, chose one of the jinni as his one and only true god—modeled after the Judaic-Christian one—and Islam was born. Lord, I can’t wait for the next one…

(Personally, as a secular humanist and a Forensic Psychologist (PsyD), I’m convinced that in terms of the actual behavior and actions of these individuals and groups, religion per se is merely a convenient excuse and faux-rationale for their inclination to do what they otherwise intend in any event.)

Various religious phases have apparently prevailed on Earth in regards to our relatively short tenure as a species (200,000±yrs) … much less our far shorter “civilized” development.

EarthMotherThe first one I deduce is the phase of female-inspiration fixed to fertility and animist spirituality—later vilified as paganism—eventually creating the general ancestral concept of a Mother Goddess and the planet as a living organism, Gaia (circa 30,000±yrs ago).
This occurred along w/the male hunter/free range ancestral concept of sky-based, daddy-gods ruling all below.
The most recent phenom—as I opened with above, circa 4,000-yrs-ago–was the creation of a monotheistic god creating and ruling the entire cosmos, but who curiously (?) retains its family/tribal preference of a “chosen” few (namely, those who invented it).
This conceptual god, as are all others, is clearly a direct reflection of its creators: Extremely jealous, vengeful, punitive, retributional, misogynistic and infantile.

(All in all, in fact, an accurate representation of the lack of socio-moral development as are 3-yr-olds and those older w/arrested developmental issues, in other words, conservatives.)

I start w/the first “religion” on Earth as the original spirituality expressed by female heads of families. Archaeo-anthropological sites have established rather definitively that females essentially ruled the home, hearth and family units.
This has been established by the stones and bones of ancient sites confirming the abiding presence of women, children and old and infirm males. One could presume that healthy males gathered outside of the home for the hunt, circle-jerks and ritualistic behaviors (not to mention getting out of mundane but critical family work).

Inanna, Sumerian Goddess of love, fertility, and warfare, ca. 4,000 BCE.

Inanna, Sumerian Goddess of love, fertility, and warfare, ca. 4,000 BCE.

Females may well have created more than their share of the arts as well. In addition to making home utensils, clothes, providing some 90+% of the diet of herbs and small snared and netted animals, they also largely created cave-art ascertained by the fact that most of the hand-flutings are apparently female. Also, the oldest family/tribal totems are universally female fertility objects.

I can imagine that males out on the range under the stars (females more generally focused on the Earth and what it can provide), telling each other tall tales and ancestral stories, thus creating a more detached embodiment of a supreme deity much along the lines of their fathers and their fathers ad infinitum.

At that earlier period, there would hardly be any cause for resentment or competition between these gender-based beliefs as they existed in quite disparate worlds.

However, there was apparently a second major development … a transition phase at some point from this free-range lifestyle and developing realities imposed by greater populations, lesser large game available nearby (always comprising a very small percentage of the home-family diet in any event) and a gathering of far larger, extended tribal groupings.

These conditions led to greater monogamous family relations (male ruled, the only way they know), albeit still communal in assemblage, and the development of socio-economic relations, specialization in production and the division of labor. Leaders of these relational developments further led to trade specialties and to those assuming leadership (and a cut) as their role in infrastructure management.
Along this latter track to “civilization,” the relative power between males and females came to the fore and remains so to this day. Religion is merely a reflection of that relationship, much the same as religion is a partner-reflection of all socio-political-economic relations in society.

PreyVultures-001Thru humanity’s brief and bloody social history—at least the past 10,000±yrs—we’ve witnessed a succession of brutalities that continue to this day. Religion shares the lead in that competition.

It’s always amused me—in an ironic sort of way—that religion can both serve and suppress. Both the slaver and the enslaved can find scripture to suit their situation. He who wishes to punish and oppress can find support in its writings, as well as those seeking salvation from the imbedded alternative belief-systems.

One of the default arguments I often run into is when the believer asks, “Where do you think all this came from?” (As if anyone could answer that.) His own answer of course is that it was all created by a God.

When I ask, Where did your god come from? The answer is invariably, “He always existed.”

Fine, I reply, there’s your answer: The universe itself always existed…by your own logic! Why keep inventing more turtles?

Oh yeah … the world’s Oldest Scam? The male-based “ideology” of predatory “economics.” Been runnin’ now for .. how long? Some 10,000±yrs?

Quant à moi? Je suis Charlie…

Dr. Publico (nick Medvecky, PsyD), January 2015…

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Religion & Social Consciousness…

Disclosure: To begin with, I’ve never been a believer in religion, ghosts, goblins or tooth fairies…

BeachJusticeMy earliest autobiographical memory (circa 1945; about 3-yrs-old) was of digging for the devil in my front yard w/my toy beach pail and shovel. Somewhere I got the idea that he was responsible for all the bad in my limited world, that he lived under the ground and I was gonna stop him.
My father came home, asked what I was doing, and gave me a spanking for digging a hole in the front yard, then beat my mother … I suppose for not watching me.
That gave me my first Aha! moment: People make shit up.

Of course, given society’s acculturational processes, like practically all of us I was required to learn and abide by the established rules. My mother’s Irish family had me baptized, First Holy Communion and Confirmation in the Roman Catholic Church in Rhode Island.

When I was 8-or-so and my parents divorced, my father’s Slovakian family in the South Bronx made me go thru much the same rituals in their Russian Orthodox Church. My childhood “money route” on Saturdays was down the street from Bathgate Avenue in the Hasidic Orthodox Jewish community as a Shabbos Goy. We all have our “devils living under the front yard.”

After my mother and her Jewess partner, Ruth, gained custody of me, religion slipped into the background. Both of them were nominal participants in the holiday observations of their familial religions. I enlisted in the Army at 17 (1959) and they put Catholic on my dog-tags. After Basic Training in Hell’s Kitchen, Ft. Benning, I was sent to Ft. Gordon, GA, for radio school.

DixieJusticeRun ins w/off-base racists (I had a NYC mouth) obliged me to assume an alter-ego of Bernie Cohen in the more tolerant Jewish community. Teen nights w/Jewish girls at the Synagogue and Sunday dinners made soldiering a lot more tolerable.
Volunteering for the 101st Airborne at Ft. Campbell, KY, I had the opportunity of taking passes to Nashville, which featured Printer’s Alley with Boots Randolph and Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge with Willie Nelson, among many others on the music scene.
I married a TN girl after I turned 18 in 1960 and after the Army we lived south of Nashville on Crowder’s Hill. I joined her Southern Baptist church and was even baptized. That beat the local alternative of hanging out w/the Klan and “popping side-road ‘niggers’ w/whiskey bottles.” (Going to the police? Ha! They were the police! Just like today…)

(When I listen these days to all those grown-up racists and their progeny talk about that “uppity” Obama and all those “liberal” Democrats, I’m not in the least bit fooled by such “coded” talk. In “polite company” it’s always how they speak. The main difference is that today, instead of just 11 states of the Confederate South, there are now 32 of them…along with both houses of Congress and the US Supreme Court. Gonna be a long and rocky road…)

In Nashville, I variously worked as a mechanical draftsman, roller-dance instructor and door-to-door encyclopedia salesman. Traveling throughout TN, GA, AL and MS during 1962-63–when I wasn’t dodgin’ irate husbands and fathers–I was running from the Klan and their police. I ended up on a chain-gang for much of 1964 and ’65.
When I got out I blew the whistle on that chapter of Southern insanity by first-hand accounts in the Nashville Tennessean, and helped get the workhouse placed under federal receivership and the rock-quarry gang shut down. My wife had since moved on and given that I had over-stayed my Southern welcome, I moved back up north.

I settled in Detroit and got a job working as a Quality Control Inspector in the aerospace industry (Local 212, UAW).  I was exposed for the first time to guys from the 1930s and ‘40s who had built the unions and had also served as sergeants in the Pacific during World War-II. After that war they were a part of organizing the “Bring the Boys Home” movement in opposition to reestablishing colonialism. They were various types of socialists and communists.

WorldEyeIn the summer of 1966 I had an extraordinary secular epiphany. In psychology: a Conversion Experience (CE). I didn’t realize it’s technical explanation until later when I studied psychology at the university. At the time, it was such a strange, acid-like journey that I never spoke of it. Later still, in my post-grad yrs and doctoral studies (PsyD, Doctor of Psychology), I made CEs a significant aspect of my research and dissertation.

(Just after waking up and starting to brush my teeth, I looked up and was startled to see a hole where the mirror had been. I was looking into another bathroom w/a complete stranger staring back at me. While startled, I soon realized that the stranger mimicked my every move precisely.
After some momentary confusion, I became convinced that I was in fact looking at myself in the mirror. The effect was so realistic that I studied my face for awhile. What was different? Why did I have this weird feeling of looking at a stranger?)

In a nutshell, I learned that the psychic effect was an artifact of an almost instantaneous transformation from perceiving myself as a solitary figure, to a consciousness of social connection. This sudden change and awareness included a sense of universality, being an integral part of the entire cosmos. All mental alienation between myself, life, material form and energy evaporated.
This included a profound change in the consciousness of individualism. While we are indeed born into perceiving life solely as individuals, at some point we have the capacity to develop a social consciousness. We can then perceive individualism as a shared, even secondary characteristic of existence. One cannot progress into social and moral maturity by remaining fixated on infantile individualism.

Epihany-001Conversion Experiences (or if they contain religious reference, epiphanies) are fairly rare phenomena. Perhaps only as many as 10% of a given population experience one. Most people acquire knowledge and socialization thru accretional learning. A few resist that process until they hit a psychic/emotional wall. If they have access to other models of beliefs and behavior, they may experience sudden shifts in consciousness … an epiphany, or a conversion experience.
These shifts are usually accompanied by a universal sense of connection (w/or w/out belief in a deity) and assume quite long duration…usually for a life-time.

Given the still early social maturity of the human species, it’s hardly any surprise that most of these CEs are in fact experienced as epiphanies. That is, most individuals culturally tend to surrender to a belief in a supreme being, which holds ultimate authority and reactive punishment … a mirror image of the predatory individual state of human relations still prevalent on Earth.

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD) November 2014

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Raff Ellis: “The Bishop’s Curse”…

America is a wholly colonial creation of emigrants from all over the world, the American ideal view is one of a Camelot-like shining castle on the hill…if it wasn’t for all those pesky natives, darkies, Asians, Arabs and the clamoring poor washing up upon our shores.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Of course, when the mytho-conservative veneer is penetrated, there’s a base foundation that few are routinely taught. more…

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Holy Jesus… What the…?

It never ceases to amaze me what people will believe…WitchHunt

I mean, think about it! Corporatist klanners (the Tea Party) are shocked that their “non-profit” fronts have been targeted for investigation by the IRS for illicit political activity?

Their corporate-owned and operated “news” media lead the mob in witch-hunting this dastardly deed. Meanwhile, neo-liberals stifle their mirth behind a façade of investigating “the usual suspects.more…

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The US Constitution’s Separation of Church & State…

“Where are the Roger Williams of today? How amazing that such a phenomenal figure is not even more greatly immortalized in our schools for his heroism.”   Ed Asner, star of Lou Grant.

Following my recent postings on gov’t v. business, this article features the founder of my birthplace, the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, by Roger Williams (1603-83). (That’s the actual name of the state.)

Roger Williams (1603-83)…

None of the rights we have are a gift from heaven nor are they the automatic consequence of social progression.

Every right has been earned thru protest, struggle and sacrifice, and maintained only thru continuing vigilance.


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Pagans in the Promised Land…

Somewhere along the line I missed the knowledge regarding the Doctrine of Discovery. Even catechism scrupulously ignores that history.

The Doctrine is a 1493 papal bull (proclamation) following Columbus’s “discovery” of the New World. Back then the line between emperor and pope was a lot fuzzier. more…

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Gods, Ghouls & Goblins (II)…

The Abramic Brotherhood is comprised of the three central faiths in the Western world: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Peas in a pod…

Too much Goddess for Abraham...

Abram (later Abraham) was the son of Terah, the High Priest of the Temple of Ur in ancient Sumeria (the area of the Tigris-Euphrates River Valley in current-day Iraq). They worshipped the celestial warrior-god, Marduk. Cuneiform was their writing.

The Sumerian religion was the worship of an ancient extra-terrestrial race of rulers. (Hell, it even makes more sense.) more…

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Free Thought vs. Dogma…

If people wish to believe in mythological and supernatural events, in a personal God or a pantheon of gods, in an existence of their personal selves beyond natural death, and in a codified history that dogmatizes all life, reason and a hereafter, by all means, have at it.

My problem arises when they choose to cross that self-created supernatural line into the domain of natural science and experiential knowledge…then they’re back on my turf.

I will not begrudge their right to believe as they wish, but I will also defend against their lies and false witness to the natural order. more…

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Beauty vs. the Beasts…

I try to resist being a male chauvinist…or at least being called one. But there are occasions when someone of the opposite sex (my personal abiding preference) is so astonishingly beautiful that the concept of “doll” tends to override the knowledge of “person.”

Katrina Voss

Katrina Voss (with apologies to her husband) is one such being.  Her clear beauty is exceeded only by her intelligence and the work she produces. more…