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Charlie & the Snitch MaSheen…

In the fifth year of my 20-yr federal prison experience (1995), I recall watching the prosecution of Hollywood Madam to the Stars, Heidi Fleiss, on TV.  My kind of girl.  Certainly had more balls than snitch-actor Charlie Sheen—who cooperated w/the prosecution.  Heidi’s assessment of Charlie about sums him up:  “The guy’s a rat!”

Heidi Fleiss

Impressed by Heidi after her conviction for state crimes (tax-evasion, money-laundering and pandering), I wrote a letter to the judge suggesting that they send her to FCI McKean, PA, for community service.  We’d have treated the girl right!  I never got a response.

You’d think that Charlie would’ve grown up at some point.  He’s certainly a successful actor.  The behaviors he managed to get tagged for are relatively impressive.

I always get a charge outta all-too-many in the public who believe that those in prison are criminals. Given my direct experience as a criminal/civil investigator out of Detroit for 17-yrs, 25+yrs in assorted jails and prisons throughout the world, a PsyD as a doctor of forensic psych and 50+yrs as a revolutionary political activist, I’d guess that easily some 85% of those in the American Gulag do not belong there.

To start with, think of all the top criminals in America–the majority of the wealthy corp-elite–who are running around scot-free…or their self-entitled “little snakes…”

At 16, Charlie got busted for reefer.  At 17 for the fraudulent use of credit card numbers.  At 25—already long exhibiting out-of-control behaviors and addictions—he “accidentally” shot his girlfriend, Kelly Preston.  She survived to go on and marry John Travolta.

Denise Richards

Over the years, he’s had an impressive series of girlfriends and marriages, all ending in abusive situations—including a number of threats and near homicides with weapons.  Charlie likes his drugs, especially coke.  But unlike the vast majority of folks, he can’t say when

Of course, what do you give a man-boy who already has an excess of female adulation?  Why, of course:  Kayla the Coxx-man.  His latest fling was Ms. Coxx (Warning: VERY explicit).  Heidi Fleiss calls Kayla “a chick with a little something extra…”

Kayla Coxx

Ms. Coxx is an incomplete transsexual.  Normally, in assessing the truth of such a relationship, I’d have to figure that Charlie’s too smart to out himself.  However, Charlie’s not the sharpest knife on the block…  Given his addictions, lack of maturity, and a rich fantasy life along with an incapacity for limited self-gratification, I’d definitely entertain a syndrome for homoerotic self-love.

Many confuse the feelings between homosexuality and homoerotic behaviors.  That confusion can lead to extreme swings of philiac or phobic reactions.  A homosexual is an individual who has the capacity for a full love relationship with a person of the same sex, usually known and realized.    

   Homo-eroticism is an expression of self-love.  The psychic object is on one’s own genitals, not the other person per se.  While it may assume participation with others, that is not necessarily the primary focus.  Psychologically and therapeutically, there’s a significant difference.

But enough of Charlie.  I’d say we’re only going to be treated to more of the same so long as he’s socially functional (and people continue to enable him and put up with his bullshit).  Update: In fact, Charlie found some justice in apparently acquiring HIV

Heidi’s more interesting.  As a pre-teen growing up in the affluent LA neighborhood of Los Feliz, California, Heidi organized a very successful baby-sitting service, discovering a formative capacity for business.

In her 20s, Heidi became a Hollywood Madam.  She never had to recruit her girls.  University students, aspiring models and actresses (no shortage there) flocked to her by word of mouth.  She charged from $1500 to $1 million for their services.  Her girls flew all over the world.  They kept 40% plus tips.  Heidi became a multi-millionaire.

The usual assortment of established pimps and prostitutes became jealous and ratted her out.  The cops that weren’t on her payroll soon enough set up a sting and entrapment operation to shut her down.

She was busted in ’93 by the state and later by the feds.  She was convicted in a couple of celebrated cases and served a total of 3 yrs.  Charlie Sheen—who was only one of two tricks to be exposed (the clown paid by check)—voluntarily testified that he paid Heidi some $35,000 for sex with her girls.  (Charlie liked them real young-looking and usually in school-girl costume.)

Charlie didn’t have to testify, but there it is.  That’s his character–or rather, the lack of it…

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD), October 2010…