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Charlie & the Snitch MaSheen…

In the fifth year into my 20+yr prison experience (1995), I recall watching the prosecution of Hollywood Madam to the Stars, Heidi Fleiss, on TV.  My kind of girl.  Certainly had more balls than snitch-actor Charlie Sheen—who testified for the prosecution.  Heidi’s assessment of Charlie about sums him up:  “The guy’s a rat!”

Heidi Fleiss

Impressed by Heidi after her conviction for state crimes (tax-evasion, money-laundering and pandering), I wrote a letter to the judge suggesting that they send her to FCI McKean, PA, for community service.  We’d have treated the girl right!  I never got a response.

You’d think that Charlie would’ve grown up at some point.  He’s certainly a successful actor.  The behaviors he managed to get tagged for are relatively impressive.  more…