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100th Anniversary!

This article is the 100th posting since last May of the American Tribune.   When I started this weblog, my idea was to write commentary on matters related to criminal justice thru the lens of a personal prison experience connection.  After 20+ years in the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), I certainly have no shortage of those.

Moral Growth...

I can’t say I’ve made everyone happy.  If anyone has figured out a way to make a moral omelette without cracking a few shells, please let me know.  Even Mark Twain and Will Rogers with all their talent, skill and humor had their detractors (little of the former do I).

I definitely have some ideas and goals for where I want to go.  I hope you’ve found—and will continue to find—these stories interesting and helpful.  However, it is not my intention to simply entertain you.  more…