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State & Public Crime (2)…

Some yrs ago, while watching the TV news about the impending Lautenberg Amendment, I was floored when a spokesman for the FBI testified before a Congressional committee asking for an exemption for police officers.

Sgt. Mike Tindall

That Amendment proposed to forbid the possession of guns by those convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence.

The FBI spokesman cited studies that showed that up to 40% of police officers in America would be effectively disarmed if the Amendment passed as written!  40%?!?

I doubt the figure is that high even for convicted felons.  In the general population, the figure is 10%–and that’s too high.

I was surprised that the FBI made the police/domestic violence studies so public.  In my experience, the courts would hardly ever prosecute such actions against police and other state-actors in any event. more…