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Final Justice?…

The State of Virginia executed Teresa Lewis last Thursday, September 23rd, by lethal injection.  Her life at 41 and her prison sentence is thus concluded.

She was convicted of  hiring two young men to kill her husband and his son for the insurance money.  All three pled guilty to the crime.  Only Teresa got the death penalty.  Like the rest of the public, prisoners are conflicted on the question of the death penalty.

Those who opposed her execution included novelist John Grisham, political activist Bianca Jagger, and a petition of the European Union.  They cited her IQ of 72 among other factors for leniency.

A score of 70 would have exempted her from execution in Virginia.  As a doctor of psychology (PsyD), I can assure this readership that the methodology to determine such a score is problematical enough that a few points one way or the other is totally subjective. The final score is purely an artifact of the person making the determination.   more…