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Clarence Thomas—The Last Overseer…

I chose to serve a 25-yr sentence in federal prison rather than betray others.  At some point in my youth and experiences I acquired a social consciousness, and a special animus for those who would sell their souls at any price

Having spent most of my lifetime in human rights and political struggle, and having served Honorably from 1959-to-1965 in the American Civil War in the Jim Crow South–precisely a century after the first one–it truly pains me to witness some turn traitor on their own people, their race, their class, their very family history.

While I’m a non-theist and don’t believe in fairies, ghosts, goblins or gods, I do believe in a universal connection tying all things to all times.  I believe we all come from the same source—star stuff, if you will—to which we all return.  It’s not a personal thing.

   I don’t submit any answer to the Great Mysteryof where all this originally came from…nor do I believe can anyone else.  Life is one aspect of universal existence.  Individual consciousness is one of the most fleeting and perhaps the greatest of illusions.  But nevertheless, this is where we live. more…