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Lou Dobbs & Father Coughlin…

My usual prison routine included catching the early morning news on TV before work call.  I’d catch it again in the early evening.

Lou Dobbs

Generally, I tended to agree with JFK’s Chairman of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), Newton Minow, who described TV back in 1963 as “a vast wasteland.”

In prison—at least in the dozen I was in over the past 20+ yrs—in order to listen to the TVs, a prisoner has to purchase a radio with earbuds at the commissary.   Each TV has its own broadcast frequency.  The TVs are usually located in the common areas of the housing units and a part of the leisure library area.

The radios currently cost $42.90.  The salaries of inmates who work for the prison stands at  12¢/hr.  That comes to about $17/mo.  UNICOR workers average 92¢/hr., if you can get one of the available jobs…count on a two-yr waiting list. more…