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Marchin’ vs. Shufflin’…

On one occasion I was invited to speak to an assembly at the prison chapel on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Apparently, I was the only prisoner in a camp of over 800 souls who had actually marched with Dr. King.

Almost all of the campers present were black.  The majority had not been born when Dr. King was assassinated (1968).  As Dr. King would say, “Longevity has its uses…”

I’d like to be able to write that that my short speech included how “acting black” is one of the greatest tricks perpetrated on the African-American.

Despite the intervention of perceptive black leadership, many inmates continue to employ the “nigger” and “monkey ass” vernacular incessantly.

It’s difficult to even get to lunchtime without hearing the epithets–both in casual conversation and as invective–constantly.  Jim Crow is quite alive and well even in the black culture. more…