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Dick Trumps Politics…

Given the fact that the worst manifestations of gov’t have created a punitive and perverted society in the American prison system—much in their own image, I might add—this site has every right and reason to address the question of sexuality in all of its forms relative to the prison experience connection.

My old friend, Rufus Readymeat, made one of his outrageous cracks the other day regarding the recent “coming out” of arch conservative republican, Ken Mehlmann.

“Ha! That cock was crowing for 43 years before he let it out in public!”

I find it ironic justice that the very people who are the chief advocates, if not authors, of the retributive-punitive prison systems, are often such flat out hypocrites themselves.  Lifting the rot to the light of exposure occurs so often with the extreme political and religious bigots in society—that it’s practically a maxim. more…