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ALEC: Corporatism vs. Democracy…

(This article was originally posted in July of 2011. I’ve updated it as of August 2016. One of the earliest investigators re ALEC is former prisoner and good friend, Bob Sloan, albeit he finds little credit in the corp-media. Few of us rarely do…)

1pctClass-001The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), is no ordinary public-policy organization. Paul Weyrich and others founded ALEC in 1973 as a corporate-front designed to channel “donations” to legislators who then enact “model legislation” written by the corporations to empower their own profits and power.

With the Citizen’s United decision by the Gang-of-Five on the US Supreme Ct in 2010, giving corporations personhood under the Constitution, we are today witnessing that power in full bloom.

New Orleans Labor Council, Catholic Worker, the Student Labor Action Project at LSU, and others sponsored a rally at the Hale Boggs Federal Building on August 5th, 2011, then a march to protest the annual meeting of ALEC at the Marriott.

CorpCourtOne of the featured speakers at the protest was Robert Sloan. Bob is an investigative journalist and prison consultant, as well as an expert on ALEC’s “model legislation” designed by private prison corporations to keep their cells full and prisoners employed in their neo-slavery industries.

Sloan has also been a significant source of research on ALEC, PIECP, and industry corruption to this site and exposés in the independent media.  If you’re looking for a “legal” mechanism to give and take bribes, ALEC is your best bet.

As of 2011, almost one-third of state legislators in the US, over 3,000, are members of ALEC. They pay $100 per 2-yr membership. Corporate membership runs from $7,000-to-$12,000 annually. These include the top names in health care, energy, telecommunications, and other industries.

Their objectives include writing model legeslation to become laws against immigrants (SB-1070), criminalization, such as 3-strikes, gutting regulation energy bills, environmental safety, financial controls, privatization of gov’t services, suppress liberal voting, corporate takeover of public education and even cities, and the elimination of corporate and wealthy taxes.

AvgCEO $9.6mill.In other words, in a more just world, they’d be guilty of and prosecuted for corporate racketeering conspiracies to subvert the nation’s public laws and Constitutional guarantees of democratic representation (in addition to liability for injuries and deaths resulting from their criminal conspiracies).

Many of its members have graduated to Congress and governorships and, as one can see in the media (over 90% of which are owned by six corporations), creating havoc from the White House to the foreclosed homes of jobless workers.

However, if reasonable and rational people think that this is simply a political swing to the right, they’re going to be rudely shocked. This is nothing short of a counter-revolutionary movement .

TrickleDown-001 (2)Among the conservative architects of this movement are Leo Strauss and Paul Weyrich. It doesn’t take much research to discern their plan. In fact, they’re so advanced in its success, that they’ve detailed it in publications.

Weyrich’s 2001 ghosted book, The Integration of Theory and Practice: A Program for the New Traditionalist Movement, is a how-to guide that would put Joe Stalin’s version of the Bolshevik Protocols to shame (or Hitler’s Mein Kampf, take your pick).

Their strategic manifesto is an express purpose to destroy the existing institutions of liberal democracy, which they perceive as “left socialist.” They call for the need to “first clear away the flotsam of a decayed culture….to undermine the legitimacy of the [democratic] regime.”

The Yunika Report quotes Weyrich’s own goals for the “use of deception, misinformation and divisiveness to allow conservative evangelical Christian Republicans to gain and keep control of seats of power in the government of the United States.”

ALECThere is no hyperbole pointing out that the world has witnessed these tactics used to success in the 1920s and ‘30s in Italy and Germany. Total and constant conflict, is their mass strategy of frustration.  The eventual terror by “inspired” individuals with that very same racial/evangelical faith has long come throughout the US and the world. Such madness does not exist in a vacuum…

We watched it being played in Washington, DC, as the gov’t shutdown’s intent of right-corporatist Republicans is to frustrate and reject all budgetary offers in order to give them their real victory—the destruction of representative democracy and the privatization of all public and gov’tal services.

We’re witnessing it in Republican control of both the US House and Senate, the legislatures of 30 states,  31 governorships, and the majority w/their Gang-of-Five on the US Supreme Court (now minus Scalia). All that remains is the White House.

ColorBlind-001I recall an event a number of years ago concerning Ronald Reagan (who fully served this strategy as a corporatist cat’s-paw). He demanded that the gov’t of Nicaragua accept his 5-point demands in order to stop the US’s illicit Contra-War. They accepted. The US escalated  and made it 6-demands. They again accepted. The US made it 7-demands. They continued to accept.

When a member of the White House press corp asked Reagan’s spokesman what the Nicaraguans could do that would be acceptable to the US, he responded, on camera, “They could shoot themselves!”

From the very beginning of the republic, there has been a class war between the wealthy elite and the rest of us. No matter how often we may win democratic reforms, they continue to wage their war for profit, privilege and power. Today they are closer to achieving that goal than ever before.

And for some an even greater irony… Hillary Clinton, advancing in the footsteps of her husband’s Administration, 1993-2001, has wholly adopted his “Third-Rail” Democ-RePlug corporatist strategy, and proved to be a foremost war-hawk in her tenure in the Senate and as Secr of State under Obama.  We’re f*cked coming and going.

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD) July 2011


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Prison Jobs (4)…

In several previous articles here at the American tribune, I’ve spoken to the issues of prison industries.

In prison, everyone has a job.  It’s enshrined, in fact, in the U.S. Constitution.  At the conclusion of the American Civil War, an exception clause was inserted into the 13th Amendment (1865), which ostensibly prohibited slavery and involuntary servitude “except as a punishment for crime…”

So, when some of my more libertarian buds crank out, “Hey! They can’t do that!  I got rights!”  Actually, they can.  The only “rights” we have are those they choose to give us.  They don’t call us outlaws for nothing. more…

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Prison Jobs (3)…

The genesis of prison industry in the U.S. is found in post-Civil War politics.  The ex-slaves, rooted by poverty, became the scapegoats for the South’s humiliating defeat.

By 1877, the Union Army and Freedman’s Bureau had abandoned the South back to the Confederates.

The solution to the post-bellum labor shortage was in part solved by the exception clause to the Constitution’s 13th Amendment (1865), which outlawed slavery and involuntary servitude, “except as a punishment for crime…

A mass of legislation soon spread throughout the South known as the Black Codes, whatever it took to criminalize the black population.  These Codes included the “crimes” of:  mischief, insulting gestures, intoxication, vagrancy, enticement, etc. more…