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Lord Black & Prison Experience…

Some prisoners are clearly more equal than others.  I’ve known quite a few over the past 20+ years.  Most of them were business types, whether in street-corner direct sales and personal services, or corporate executives.

Lord & Lady Black

     Conrad Moffat Black, a member of the British House of Lords, knows few equals.  A multi-millionaire media tycoon (at one time, number three in the world), the Baron Black of Crossharbour, is clearly one of the most elite.

I personally have no problem with that…the American gulag has a way of democratizing us–whatever its intent.  Sorry to say, I never met him…we were prisoners in different places.

The recent term of the US Supreme Court unanimously ruled (a rare event in itself) that the prosecutors used “overly vague concepts of corporate fraud.”  Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal attacks the law and the over-zealous prosecution of Jeffrey Skilling, Black, and others as “the criminalization of business.” more…