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9/11 & the BOP…

Dateline:   9/11, 2001. FCI Jesup, Georgia. 

Walking back from the prison chow hall to my housing unit, I was met by three lieutenants.  Asked to accompany them to the central admin building “for a few brief questions,” I was soon handcuffed and placed in the SHU (Segregated Housing Unit; the “hole”).  It wasn’t quite noon.

     In the SHU, my cellmate was Alex, sharing the same incommunicado isolation for the next 50 days.  No visits, no mail, no phone, no news, no communication outside our small cell.   That’s how I’ll always remember 9/11.

We knew something had happened in NYC –a plane had crashed into a Twin Tower.  But I assumed it was a private aircraft lost in fog or something…  Information was slow and distorted, and for the most part hardly believeable.

My main problem was no visits by Jennifer Love Hewitt—however, come to think of it, she never visited anyways… more…