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Wesley Snipes & “Dream McKean”…

Wesley Trent Snipes, #43355-018 (48), checked into FCI McKean, PA, yesterday at around noon.  His crime?  Tax evasion.  In a rational justice system, the entire matter would have been handled in civil court.

Dec. 9th, 2010

He was initially processed thru the main medium-security prison to be transferred next door to the FPC (camp) to begin serving his 3 yrs.

One of the more notable former inmates of that camp was Detroit Tiger pitcher Denny McLain (fraud).

While the FCI has a double razor-wire fence, the camp has none.  There is relatively more physical freedom in the minimum-security camp, but the few guards that are there (292 inmates) tend to be a lot more Mickey Mouse, acting like the place was a USP (penitentiary). more…

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Wesley Snipes…

Current news tells us that the actor, Wesley Snipes, has lost his appeal of a tax evasion conviction.  He’s headed to prison to serve a three-year sentence.  The American Tribune opposes this sanction.

What's the point?

At worst, the man is guilty of tax evasion.  Maybe in some fundamentalist world 3 years in prison makes some sort of retributional-punitive sense, but not in ours.  Get a life!

One of the tasks of this site is to bring to the public a coherent and experiential voice from those most affected by the criminal justice system and imprisonment…the prisoners themselves; much as military veterans should have a voice in conflict and war.  more…