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The Mass Psychology of Fascism…

As a prisoner and a doctor of psychology (PsyD, CalSouthernU), I was especially interested in USP Lewisburg, PA. Despite my situation, I found its history fascinating.

wReich-001As the prison bus climbed the long hill, I had to strain against the chains binding my hands, feet and waist in order to peer thru the wire-caged windows at the French-gothic edifice.

The bus pulled up to a huge gate in the high walls and the guards put their weapons into a basket lowered from the gun tower before we entered.

I was keenly aware of passing into the former home of Al Capone, “Bugs” Moran, “Machine Gun” Kelly, John Gotti, James Earl Ray and “Whitey” Bulger. more…

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Lewisburg Penitentiary…

That summer of ’94, about 40 of us got off the bus in the old stone back courtyard of Lewisburg Penitentiary, the “Big House.” We were all hold-over prisoners in-transit.  Inside the walls, the prison itself looked like some ancient medieval fortress…maybe a home for monks or something.

The "Big House."

Opened in 1932, the maximum-security prison had held the likes of Al Capone and John Gotti, along with a long line of political prisoners like Jimmy Hoffa, Leonard Peltier, Wilhelm Reich, Alger Hiss and Bayard Rustin.

Stone corbels accented the outside part I could see, and the interior was French-gothic architecture.  The doors were these huge arched, oak and beam affairs a good 4” thick.  They were hung on these over-sized ornamental hinges that shut quite solidly.

Be a great place for Jennifer Love Hewitt to shoot her Ghostwhisperer.  Of course, back then she would have been only 15. more…

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