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Alexandra Natapoff & Secret Justice…
I was told a couple of prisoners took a swan dive off the 80’ bluff in the quarry, so that’s why they had us all chained together.  We worked from “cain’t-see-to-cain’t see.”  Not very efficient use of labor, but that was the point.

NY University Press

     We hammered and chipped and chiseled slate rock blasted out of the quarry side into “builders,” blocks about 8” deep by 3’ square.  I’d guess maybe 2-to-300 pounds each.  They were used by the TVA and other projects to build bases for bridges and dams.

     One of the first lessons I was taught in the South is if you’re from up North, you’re a “yankee.”  If you’re from up North and come down South, you’re a “damn yankee.”  And if you’re from up North, come down South, and try to tell them folks how to run their affairs, then you’re a “God-damned Yankee!”  You might guess my status…  It was 1964.  The name of my enemy was Jim Crow. more…