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101—“Dream McKean”…

(Sometimes the best way to describe something is thru experiential circumstance. The reader can then best judge for themselves…)

The first day I walked onto the rec field at FCI McKean, PA, there was a baseball game in progress. The prison team wore NY Yankee uniforms and the other was a townie-team (Bradford, PA).  MacDonald’s, I think.
I could hear my rap-partner’s rock-band (Larry Genoa) in another section of the field playing “Hollywood Nights.” The strong aroma of grilled meat supplied by the prison kitchen was on the barbecue. I could almost imagine the heady smell of reefer wafting in the air.  Almost… I bought some ice cream from the inmate-controlled alternate commissary just off the field.

FCI McKean, PA...

FCI McKean, PA…

Seeing a group of prisoners sitting on a rail, I couldn’t help but notice an Hispanic or Indian-looking chick in hot pants and halter with long black hair and oversized breasts sitting with them. Inmates generally wore sports clothes in their off-time and the guards had mostly blue jeans, along with their radios and keys.

It was the summer of ’94. Having already served 4-yrs of my 25-yr sentence in three different joints, this was a prison sight one could only imagine. Sitting next to a guy watching the game, I asked, “Who’s the chick?”
He glanced over and smiled. “That’s not a chick, it’s ‘Lola.’ And she’s a he.”  That was my first surprise.


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Julie Stewart & FAMM…

One of the very first things I did when I got to federal prison in 1990 (after a year in a particularly vile county jail…are any of them not vile?), was to take a walk over to the Law Library.

FAMM from 1991

The senior clerk there, whom I asked for some help in looking up issues relative to my case, had on a T-shirt emblazoned with, “Nuttin’ Comin’.”  I asked him, pointing at the shirt, “Ain’t that being a wee bit negative?”

He asked me how long I been down?  I answered, “I’m new.  I just got here.”

He smiled and said, “You’ll learn.”  I did. more…

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