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Big Brother & the Real Holding Co., Inc….

Four of us Old Heads were in the bocce court over the holiday weekend.  The prison staff occupies our free-time with various competitions.  Benny and his partner, Gene, were winning.

Gene I could understand.  As a top Mafia capo out of Brooklyn, he was raised playing the game.  But Benny?  Benny was born with a silver spoon up his ass to a wealthy Connecticut family.  He took his father’s fortune to new heights manipulating Wall Street.  Bocce? more…

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101–Pensacola Club Fed…

(My original article of this post was also published in the Gulf Coast News, July 2010…)

One of the work-sites for inmates at the Federal Prison Camp (FPC) Pensacola, Saufley Airfield) is a 30-minute ride south to the Pensacola Naval Air Station (PNAS), home of the Blue Angels in Florida on the Gulf of Mexico.

Blue Angels, PNAS

Each weekday shortly after dawn, five buses carry some 225 prisoners to the base for ground’s keeping, general construction, road and sidewalk repair, vehicle maintenance, haz-mat clean-ups, and even tending the admiral’s garden.

The vast bulk of the federal Bureau of Prisons population (194,559 as of October 2016; and more than 2,220,000 throughout the US) are in high- and medium-security institutions, behind walls, gun-towers and/or multiple rows of razor-wire fencing…so what’s not to like about being in a Camp Cupcake (females) or Club Fed (males)?  Careful what you wish formore…