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Behind Every Great Fortune…

Kind of that time of year to reflect on the good things and contemplate the future.  Mostly for us behind the razor-wire, it’s another year we don’t have to serve.

I recall my own remembrances went something like: “Sixteen Xmases down, seven to go,” whatever…  About the best one can expect doing time in the American gulag is that time doesn’t do you.

The only people who leave prison rehabilitated, either came in that way, or did it on their own.  For the most part, prison is a vast warehouse.  Your best bet from the system and staff, is that you sit on the shelf and they ignore you.

If you stand out for any reason, they’ll turn it into another dose of retribution & punishment.  It’s all they know. more…

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Julian Assange: Courage vs. Cowardice…

A person we see dominating the news these days is the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange.  Whistle-blowers and patriots, having leaked gov’t and military secrets to the site, are giving the keepers of these essentially political papers fits.

WikiLeaks: Julian Assange

No greater fury hath…  There is an axiom in politics: The worse thing you can do is publicly embarrass an institutional bureaucrat.

After an international police (Interpol) manhunt, Assange was arrested and imprisoned in Britain without bail awaiting extradition to Sweden for “sex offenses.”  All of this “coincided” with the US attack on WikiLeaks.

As prisoners of the largest gulag in world history—namely, the United States—I believe we have an interest in understanding and following this “criminal” case.  We have more than a few of our own irons in that systemic justice fire. more…

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State Terrorists & Their Gangs…

As gov’t increasingly resorts to the mass criminalization and incarceration of its citizens, it creates paramilitary forces and with a resultant mentality among its police.  Many officers come to see their role in the community as an occupying army where all civilians are suspect of being the enemy.

Hurricane Katrina, August 2005

Certain types of individuals who are already well set in an attitude of authority and control over others, tend to gravitate toward outlaw criminality, even in in-law roles as state actors.  In many respects, they are perfectly interchangeable.

As some of the trials of New Orleans police who engaged in crime during Katrina are coming more into recent news, we can conclude that the most dangerous gang for the public in New Orleans at the time were the police themselves. more…