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Prison Experience & Honor…

Rufus was the first to get up and change the TV channel.  “Hey, Ruf!  That’s Tim Allen.  I wanta watch that show,” complained one of the prisoners.    

BOP Prisoner #04276-040

     “Yeah? Well, he’s Dick to me!  I ain’t watchin’ no snitch on TV.  There’s plenty enough of ‘em around here already,” Rufus replied, glaring at the speaker.

     “What’re you talkin’ about, he’s a actor…”    

     “I’m from Detroit.  He’s from Detroit.  Back in ’78 he got caught with a kilo of coke.  He was facing life.  He bragged about how lucky he was…he knew some drug dealers he could turn in to save his own ass.  That’s a snitch.  Period.  End of fucking argument.”   more…