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Tim Allen: Actor/Snitch…

Of all those charged in federal court, some 96% “accept responsibility,” plead guilty and opt for some form of plea-bargain.  Many also “cooperate” and snitch out their co-defendants to get extra consideration for themselves. The actor, Tim Allen, is one of those examples.

Timothy Allen Dick was facing natural life in prison in Michigan back in 1978 under the prevailing state law. Instead he turned state’s evidence — the legal term for ratting on your cohorts.

Allen stated that he was fortunate, that he knew 21 others involved as co-conspirators and snitched them out in exchange for a sentence of five years.  He served 2½ years, dropped his last name, and became one of America’s most successful actors. Wonder what happened to all his former “friends.”

The fact is, only 4% of those convicted in federal court plead innocent and face trial.  The alternative is usually a far greater sentence.  Placing the blame and weight on others is the coward’s way out.


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Prison Experience & Honor…

Rufus was the first to get up and change the TV channel.  “Hey, Ruf!  That’s Tim Allen.  I wanta watch that show,” complained one of the prisoners.    

BOP Prisoner #04276-040

     “Yeah? Well, he’s Dick to me!  I ain’t watchin’ no snitch on TV.  There’s plenty enough of ‘em around here already,” Rufus replied, glaring at the speaker.

     “What’re you talkin’ about, he’s a actor…”    

     “I’m from Detroit.  He’s from Detroit.  Back in ’78 he got caught with a kilo of coke.  He was facing life.  He bragged about how lucky he was…he knew some drug dealers he could turn in to save his own ass.  That’s a snitch.  Period.  End of fucking argument.”   more…