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Dick Lee—RIP…

I woke up early this morning to the news that Richard Lee died yesterday, December 4th, 2014.  Dick was born March 8th, 1940, he was 74.  Still … too soon.  The message I rec’d was like a ghost on his own e-link:

Richard Lee '87 Belle Isle.

Richard Lee ’87 Belle Isle.

Richard Lee, AKA Richard LeClair, AKA “Dick Mother Fucker,” died today in Boca Raton, Florida. He broke out of the VA Hospice in Detroit on Nov.29th, made a run for the sun and had at least one day of sunny skies and 80° weather.
He was in one of his favorite hotels and eating food from one of his favorite delis. He began having chest pains and was taken to the local hospital where … he slipped away suddenly.
After he declined treatment for his cancer a little over a year ago he took, “a victory lap,” across the south, west, northwest and northern United States, putting over 15,000 miles on his car. Over the summer he went east, back to his birthplace in Maine, ate lobster and visited with “my people.”
He mastered the art of being free. He did not let possessions own him. He belonged everywhere and was anchored to nowhere. He was a loyal and generous friend, a great story teller, grounded in humor, but was nobody’s fool.
He was a traveler, an adventurer and a seeker of pleasure. His life was tempered by his grasp of history, his sense of justice and his refusal to conform. He wanted to let his friends know he had gone.

Dick found his own path and he journeyed it to the end… I met Dick sometime around ’69. He was a friend of Pete Kwant (and became a close confidant to Suzie and Tessa). Back in ’67, I co-founded the Veterans Against the War (VAW) in Detroit. Pete was an antiwar Army vet and Dick had been in the Navy. Dick and I go back to some mutual military time.

Dick Lee, circa 1970.

Dick Lee, circa 1970.

I was in the 101st Airborne, US Army at Ft. Campbell, KY, during the Administration of Ike and JFK. Dick was in the Navy for 8-yrs during Ike, JFK and LBJ. We both went thru the period of the Cuban Revolution of 1959 and subsequent US/corporate reactions (lasting now for more than 50-yrs).
While I worked at journalism, criminal investigations and an assortment of political activism w/a large dollop of “underground fund-raising,” Dick quietly moved thru the national cultural scene touching base here, there and everywhere.

(In other words, I have no freakin’ idea what he was up to. As exampled in the comments below: “Fast Eddie” Silver apparently had further adventures w/Dick, “From the Ozark Mountains to Bangkok, Angkor Wat, Laos, the beaches of Cambodia, Myanmar, and small islands of the Mu Ko Chang Archipelago in the Gulf of Thailand….” I never had a clue.)

Clearly, Richard Lee–AKA ad infinitum–was the common elastic that seemed to connect everyone as they drifted hither and yon. At some point I also woke up to the fact that we were both in the same business … sort of.

One of the common threads throughout the cultural and political revolution of the ’60s was the fact that every group that I was aware of had at least one op who handled security and … other matters. One of the features of the cultural side of the movement was marijuana.
Students, vets and others soon gravitated to handling such business themselves…either that or resorting to an uncontrolled, criminal culture. In my own case, as a pilot and a vet organizer, it logically progressed for some of us to deal in cocaine, another product at the time of the cultural scene (and it put a few of us to quite interesting work).

When I was in the trade in the Carib and Colombia in ’73+, kilos of coke were going for under $5,000. In Detroit, a 2.2 lb. brick of coke flipped for $50,000 ($275,000 in today’s money). More than a few pilots, ship, sub officers and SEALs were in and out of the trade….

(My own coke involvement ended in ‘83 when the DEA/CIA became heavily involved in creating the crack market in the US in order to support the Reagan/CIA Contra War in Central America. That changed the entire socio-political picture for the culture.)

Dick stuck to the reefer trade. But in addition to business, he became a connoisseur of the different types of cannabis sativa and indica. Where Jack Herer became the world authority on the history of hemp/marijuana (see: The Emperor Wears No Clothes, both the book and the video), Dick Lee became an authority on the indoor cultivation of marijuana.

At Dick's Fort St bldg upon my prison release.

At Dick’s Fort St bldg upon my prison release.

By 1989, Dick was well into grow-ops and I was mainly back working in criminal defense investigations. However, somewhere along the line, the US Attorney’s office and SEMCO (drug task-force) picked up on my former craft and were apparently not satisfied w/my having walked away from the biz some 6-yrs earlier.
As this is the subject of other American Tribune blog articles I’ll just make that link here. Meanwhile, the gov’t gave me an offer they figured I couldn’t refuse. They probably figured that everyone would sell their mother to beat a rap. (Only 3% of those in prison have gone to trial.)

Suffice to mention that I refused to “cooperate” or accept a cop to a plea. I went to trial and got 25-yrs. No shortage of folks who will “cooperate,” facts not necessary. In one of my final free days I paid a call on Dick over on the Westside of Detroit and he gave me a tour of his latest grow-op. The basements of two houses were joined together and he had this amazing scientific, elaborate grow lab.
He even had a cloning propagation lab-room w/exotic seed samples from around the world. Cloning? WTF? I used to grow reefer in milk-cartons w/fluorescent lights on chains in my spare room over on Commonwealth. This totally blew me away.

Anyways, I went off to do my time…long story short. Some hung in there, some didn’t. Dick did. He eventually purchased a motor yacht and out the Lakes, Erie Canal and St. Lawrence Seaway. Traveling down the Inland Waterway he entered the Carib and alternated his yrs of adventure w/jumps back home to set-up new grow-ops and replenish the filthy-lucre we all gotta pay obeisance to in this existence.

(Back in ’76 I wrote an historical paper for Detroit’s CBDA [Central Business District Assoc.] on the 275th Anniversary of Antoine Cadillac’s “founding” of the City. Dick’s journeys in the Carib kind of brought that to mind. Not generally propagated is the fact that Louie Laumet [Cadillac’s original name] was a deserter from the French marine, a privateer in the Carib [married the young niece, Marie Thérèse, of New France’s chief privateer, Denis Guyon], and a bon vivant of the free life. Control of the beaver-trade in the NorthWest [Ville d’Troit] was an after-thought.)

Dick traveled thru Cuba, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela and elsewhere. He’d drop me lines and postcards wherever he went. Girls would hitch rides from one point to another and I could live w/him vicariously thru my lucid dreams.

I was able to finish my education in prison largely thru Dick’s generous donations. I finished my BS in Psych/Biology thru Wayne State, Detroit, and was even able to get a fully-accredited masters and a doctorate thru Cal Southern U in Forensic Psychology (PsyD). Took me 16-yrs, but then I had plenty of time, eh? (Had I chosen, I could have done a clinical internship at WSU and the VA when I got out. I figured at almost 70, I done my time at the controls…)

Dick was also quite involved in journalism. Using the name of Marion Delgado he wrote articles on the political realities of Central and South America for The Rag Blog. (I also know he was of some quiet but critical help to other political prisoners in various situations.)

Shack and Dick...

Shack and Dick…

One of his adventures (I have a pretty thick file) included purchasing a hotel/bar in San Cristobal de Las Cruces in southern Mexico. He wrote me that he’d hired a band and fiesta spread for a New Year’s Eve party to augur in ’94.
Sometime before midnight a young Zapatista guerilla walked in and read her manifesto. She looked maybe 17, packed an AK and two body-guards, and soon left. Turned out it was the beginning of the Zapatista Revolution against the Mexican Army, police and corporate incursions of their southern lands. The town was soon awash w/revolutionists and Dick went on w/his party…what else?

After a couple of weeks, the Mexican military was putting a lot of pressure on the surrounding area w/road-blocks, arresting and disappearing activists and “foreign hippies.” Dick decided to make a discreet run for the southern border.
No sooner had he got across into Guatemala than there was a coup there. He decided to keep rolling. He went down to Peru and caught a coca-paste boat from Leticia to Manaus on the Amazon River. I joined him on that trip, too… Well, dream-wise…

After I served 19½-yrs in a dozen different prisons and camps, Congress came up w/a program to allow non-violent, first-offenders over 65 already having served at least 75% of their time to get a 2-yr early-out (under home arrest; I should’a told them to go f… But it did bring me back to Detroit). I was fortunate, I had Charlie Rangel and Dick Lee. Charlie sponsored me, so the BOP let me out. Dick offered me his former grow-op out on Fort Street, Detroit, as a secure site.

I was surprised when I first met Dick again. His heavy smoker-rasp and nico-habit belied his longevity. In about a year, I found out that Dick had blood in his urine. I urged him to go to the VA, which is where I got all my own meds. He did, but he didn’t follow thru and let the matter fester for another yr. “I’m fine… I’ve never needed a doctor in my life! Besides, what the fuck do they know?

When Bruce and Suzie and I got him to go back to the VA–we had to bird-dog the process every step of the way–he finally agreed to an operation on his bladder; he had a tumor the size of a softball. The problem by then was that cancer had metastasized beyond his bladder and he had an inoperable (w/out certain health preconditions) aortic aneurism, which may well have finally done him in.
He refused further procedures. He walked. He decided to live what quality life he had left on his own terms. I wish I had real words of closure (is there such a thing?)… I can only repeat those of the message above:

He mastered the art of being free. He did not let possessions own him. He belonged everywhere and was anchored to nowhere. He was a loyal and generous friend, a great story teller, grounded in humor, but was nobody’s fool.

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD), December 2014…

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SUMER: Cradle of Western Civilization?

While I’m a skeptic of all things that go bump in the night (theist or otherwise), I do run into the occasional surprise that taxes my analyses


Click on image to enlarge…

Among the subjects that hold my interest are anthropology, archaeology and ancient history. An intriguing area of study was the ancient civilization of Sumer. That Empire developed from a series of city-states in the Tigris-Euphrates River Valley.

The Earth is 4½ billion-yrs-old; humanity only some 200,000-yrs; and its male-dominated class system, some 10,000-yrs.
As our species spread out from Africa some 70,000+yrs ago (the most likely scenario), population groups clustered around fertile river valleys.
It’s a safe bet that humanity has a distance yet to go to achieve any significant measure of common social maturity and responsibility … assuming of course that we last long enough. I’m not taking any bets…

MesopSumerPractically all that we’ve learned about ancient Sumer we’ve learned since the 19th century discovery of vast cities and libraries of cuneiform clay tablets buried in the sands of Mesopotamia.
Over a million such tablets have been excavated and most reside in museums around the world. Less than 5% have ever been deciphered and fewer still published. There are only a few hundred qualified cuneiformists in the world.

Emerging populations became more complex to manage, giving an increasing need for rulers to keep records in order to assess taxes to maintain their privileges and power, thus writing was invented.

Cuneiform Script...

Cuneiform Script…

At first, it was in the form of pictographs, which became more simplified into representational symbols for items, rulers and gods. It eventually developed into logophonetic, consonantal alphabetic and syllabic signs.
Cuneiform writing was gradually replaced by the Phoenician alphabet. By the 2nd century CE, cuneiform script had become extinct, and all knowledge of how to read it was lost until it was rediscovered and began to be deciphered in the 19th century.

One of the reasons that Sumer is traced by the West as The Cradle of Western Civilization is because Abraham, credited w/being the Founding Father of the Judaic-Christian-Islamic peoples, is from the Sumerian city of UR.
He traveled w/his extended clan circa 2,000 BCE to the already well-populated Land of Canaan (Phoenicians and others), claimed it for the tribal god he worshiped and carried over much of the Sumerian Epics.

Ancient Lagash in Sumer...

Ancient Lagash in Sumer…

The composite assemblage of Genesis is mostly a parsed-down version of the Epic Sumerian Creation Myths of Adam & Eve, the Garden of Eden, the Flood, etc.

Without the recent discovery of the Sumerian versions thousands of years older than Abraham, that source may have remained unknown. (Albeit, the Sumerians themselves cite the original source of their Epics as even more ancient and largely unknown.)
For those interested in the stories, they can get more details by reading the Sumer Epics. Personally, I found that what was left out by Abe is far more interesting…

In addition to scientific studies, I also acquired the works of Zecharia Sitchin. Born in the USSR in 1920 to Jewish parents, Sitchin was raised in Mandate Palestine and moved to New York in 1952.
While his books have sold millions in 25-different languages, they’ve been generally rejected by scientists and academics as pseudoscience.

Sun & Planets in relative size and position?

Sun & Planets in relative size and position?

I find his works to be quite entertaining. But more importantly, I think that the world is generally well-served by his conjectures and provoke deeper consideration of ancient Sumerian history.
Since there are more than enough links here, I won’t bore the reader w/a rendition of what all I find of immense interest. The 6-part BBC video-series will give the reader plenty to consider.

I will speak to two facets of Sumerian history that most pique my curiosity. The first is the general cosmology of their “religious” belief system, and the second concerns certain clay tablets.

The cosmology that I find quite compelling, is that aside from the usual heroic episodes of probably-historical figures (e.g., Gilgamesh), the foundation of the Sumer religion is not based on “gods,” but a description of quite extraordinary, possibly even alien, mortal beings.

Representation of...?

Representation of…?

The early Asian “religions” followed this practice, as exampled by Confucius, Lao Tzu, Gautama-Buddha, etc. Except for some of their followers deifying them, none of these figures claimed god-hood.
Ironically, many people believe that the further we go back in time, the more superstitious are the beliefs, when actually, the exact opposite is true! Just turn on the news…

In addition to the Solar depiction (?) shown here, my final item is an extremely old and rare circular clay tablet.
When I first opened to that page (274) in Sitchin’s The 12th Planet (1978), I was rather startled to see what appears to be the plate of an IFR back-course, or a missed-approach plate. Any IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) pilot would be familiar with it if they found it in their flight bag. Except, of course, looking somewhat strange and written in an unknown language.
This tablet was found in the ruins of the Royal Library at Nineveh in the mid-1800s and is apparently a copy of an even far older version.

(The ancient site of Nineveh is across the river from Mosul in northern Iraq; today it’s occupied by the latest superstitious cult of terror, ISIL, which is apparently destroying the site as we speak.)

Mystery from the Royal Library of Nineveh...

Mystery from the Royal Library of Nineveh…

Sitchin admits that numerous scholars over the years have attempted to decipher it, but the best they’ve come up with is that it’s probably a quite early astronomical calendar of some sort, but unlike any previously or since known. It may have been originally on a semi-spherical object depicting a 360° view of the sky, or timeline.
Back in 1880, two scholars of Assyrian language and artifacts referred to it as a planisphere; the reproduction of a spherical surface as a flat map. The names of some stars and planets have been translated, but the 45° segmentation w/other symbols remain a mystery.
I would expect that if an ancient non-technical witness viewed such a device or depiction (map/photo) and attempted to make a copy, this is pretty much what we’d expect.
The segmentation? Well, it would be what I’d expect if one were landing from any variety of directions with reverse missed-approaches also shown. If we had the missing parts we might be able to pinpoint the center in ancient Babylonia. That would be interesting … what might we find?
A number of translations also appear to depict directions, point-set turns and repeated repetitions of certain words, including sky, hills, tops, city, press, sight, path, mountain, return, and others … in addition to a third of the plate that was copied being missing.
Had there been ancient alien visitors, I would expect them to certainly dazzle the locals, but not leave any specific artifacts, other than descriptions and attributions of which we’re still trying to make sense.

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD) December 2014…

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Israel, Iran & the Bomb…

WARNING: Much of this intel is PROHIBITED from being viewed by US military and Gov’t personnel!  However, while much of the material presented here paradoxically remains secret/classified, it’s all open-source material on the Internet. It just takes beaucoup research … of which I’ve taken pains to provide to the reader with attached links below. Have at it.

The greatest threat to the world today—in addition to environmental genocide and/or total corporate control over the world’s natural resources and gov’ts—is for a terrorist state to have the power of a nuclear holocaust. Of course, the question is, just what defines a terrorist state … Dr. Publico.

EretzYisraelDavid Ben-Gurion became the first Prime Minister of Israel in May of 1948. As a long-time leader of the World Zionist (WZO) movement, he is credited w/being a central figure in the creation of Israel, in fact, it’s Founding Father.
From the moment of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, David Ben-Gurion sought to acquire nuclear weapons, vowing: Never Again!

In addition to securing help from a number of scientists who support the racial/national tenets of Zionism, he also sought aid from atomic-related Jewish physicists such as Albert Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer, Edward Teller and others who were associated w/the Manhattan Project.
In the case of Einstein and 27 other notables, they signed a letter to the NY Times in December of ‘48 condemning the Israeli Revisionist Zionists as the “latest manifestation of fascism.” However, in a further attempt to coopt Einstein, he was offered the presidency of Israel in 1952, along w/a request to move there, take citizenship, and presumably “aid” their nuclear research, but turned it down.
Nevertheless, Ben-Gurion and his group were able to move full-speed ahead in their nuclear development, embedding specialized students at the University of Chicago (and other institutions) to study under Enrico Fermi, who had overseen the world’s first artificial and self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction back in 1942; the official birth of the Nuclear Age.

DimonaMap-001By 1953, Israeli scientists had developed the capability to extract uranium from their phosphate deposits in the Negev Desert (southern Israel), as well as a new technology to produce heavy water.
This tech was sold to France, who were already Israel’s major armaments supplier, and themselves in a race for nuclear weapons. Since Israel was also a significant source of intel from their various Sayanim (Jewish informers who sympathized w/Zionism) throughout the French colonies, they formed an alliance for the mutual development of nuclear research “for peaceful purposes.”

In 1956, France, Britain and Israel combined for an attack on Egypt after that nation nationalized the Suez Canal. Russia threatened to intervene on behalf of Egypt and the US also opposed the aggression, forcing them to withdraw … for the moment.
President Truman opposed the apartheid state from the beginning and had sought a federated, democratic nation inclusive of the Palestinians. While he reluctantly supported Israeli independence, he imposed an arms blockade. President Eisenhower continued that policy (and after ’56, supplied the Egyptians w/defensive arms until 1967).
Overflying the Dimona reactor site w/a U-2 spy plane in 1960, the outgoing Eisenhower administration asked the Israelis for an explanation for the mysterious construction. Israel’s response at first was that the site was a future textile factory, but that no inspection would be allowed.
When Jack Kennedy took office in ‘61, he put continuous pressure on Israel to open the plant to American inspection. Ben-Gurion was evasive on the issue for two years. Of course, Jack was a bit busy w/a runaway CIA, Cuba, Vietnam/Laos and Berlin.
Finally, in a personal letter dated May 18, 1963, Kennedy threatened Israel with total isolation unless inspectors were allowed into Dimona.
Israel eventually accepted an inspection after Kennedy made two concessions – the US would sell Israel Hawk anti-aircraft missiles, and agreed that the inspections would be carried out by American teams scheduled weeks in advance.

Dimona Nuclear Plant, Israel

Dimona Nuclear Plant, Israel

Because Israel knew the schedule of the inspectors’ visits, it was able to disguise the reactor. The inspectors eventually reported that their work was useless due to Israeli restrictions on what parts of the facility they could investigate.
Former master Mossad agent Rafi Eitan explained how the inspectors were fooled: A bogus control center was built over the real one at Dimona, complete w/fake control panels and computer-lined gauges that gave a credible impression of measuring the output of a reactor engaged in an irrigation scheme to turn the Negev into a lush pastureland. Meanwhile, someone(s) solved Israel’s problem w/Jack.

Rafi is an interesting character; totally unpredictable yet remains w/in the Zionist state’s graces. He even admits throwing Jonathan Pollard out of the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC when their US spy sought asylum. Pollard is doing life in federal prison.

As for the irrigation scheme, Israel planned all along (and eventual accomplished) the diversion of most of the Jordan River to Israeli water projects.

Israel’s nuclear facility at Dimona in the Negev went critical in ’62. By ‘65, Israel was producing full weapons grade plutonium.
French assistance ended in ‘66 when they became convinced that Israel was, in fact, planning to build nuclear weapons beyond the international non-proliferation protocols. Even 6 of the 7 members of the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission itself resigned, protesting nuclear weapons developments. Jewish ideals were one thing; Zionist goals quite another.
Britain picked up French slack, secretly supplying specialist chemicals and fissionable U-235 to Israel for reprocessing plutonium into weapon’s grade material (what Iran is accused of today). Britain also supplied Lithium-6, which is used to fuel hydrogen bombs.
Israel begun full-scale production of nuclear weapons following the ‘67 Six-Day-War, but a CIA report and others suggest that Israel already had two A-bombs in reserve for ready use during the war.

USS Liberty

USS Liberty

One particularly brutal war crime that occurred during Israel’s “preemptive” ’67 war against the Palestinians, Egypt, Syria and Jordan, was the sustained attack on the USS Liberty flying the American flag in international waters some 30-miles off the coast of the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula.
Defense Minister Moshe Dayan, ordered a multi-coordinated attack against the defenseless intel ship (they had four .50-cal machine guns) by air and sea forces, including strafing, torpedos, and destroying lifeboats. They murdered 34 and wounded 171 sailors … the worst loss of American naval personnel from hostile action since World War II.

An Israeli pilot yrs later held extensive interviews with former Congressman Paul N. (Pete) McCloskey. As senior Israeli lead pilot, he says he recognized the Liberty as American and so informed his headquarters. He was told to ignore the American flag and continue his attack. He refused to do so and returned to base, where he was arrested.

The multiple attacks were called off only when the Israelis discovered thru radio intercepts that the 6th Fleet had sent a phalanx of fighter aircraft to the site.

Moshe Dayan enthusiastically supported Israel’s atomic program. Shortly after the ’67 war, he authorized full production of 4-to-5 nuclear warheads a year.
In 1968, the CIA stated in a top-secret National Intelligence Estimate that Israel had nuclear weapons. This assessment was given to President Lyndon B. Johnson. In 1969, when Nixon took the presidency, the US gov’t terminated the inspections and began virtually unlimited infusions of annual military grants … $3 billion a yr and up.
In a memorandum dated July 19, 1969, National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger warned, “The Israelis, who are one of the few peoples whose survival is genuinely threatened, are probably more likely than almost any other country to actually use their nuclear weapons” (emphasis added).
Nevertheless, among the suggestions Kissinger presented to Nixon was the idea of the US adopting a policy of “nuclear ambiguity“, or pretending not to know about Israel’s nuclear program.

Among notable Israeli whistleblowers relative to these discussions are Victor Ostrovsky and Mordechai Vanunu.
Major Ostrovsky had been the commanding officer of the army’s Military Police West Bank Central Command; later a Lieutenant Commander in the Israeli Navy; and later still joined the Mossad as a Katsa (Case Officer) in Israeli counter-intelligence.
Opposed to their ultra-right actions, he escaped w/his family to Canada and wrote a tell-all best-seller—By Way of Deception (…Thou Shalt Do War—the motto of the Mossad) in 1990. He has subsequently written other books as well as being an accomplished artist.
Mordechai Vanunu had been conscripted into the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), was a sapper (explosives expert) in the Combat Engineers and attained the rank of Sergeant-Major. He saw action during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, the only war not directly initiated by Israel.
He was a nuclear technician (later a shift manager) at the Dimona atomic production facility for 8-yrs when, opposed to nuclear weapons, took a series of secret photos and eventually gave the story of the illicit production to the British Sunday Times in 1986. He also revealed that Israel had built and stockpiled thermonuclear weapons (hydrogen bombs).
In 1987, he was lured to Rome in a classic Mossad “honey-trap,” drugged, kidnapped and transported by an Israeli warship back to Israel for trial. Convicted of treason, he was sentenced to 18-yrs (mostly in solitary). Completing his sentence in 2004, Mordechai remains incarcerated today.

Meanwhile, Israel is full-speed-ahead and international intel agencies believe that now they command 4-to-500 fission and fusion bombs, and have them fully deployed in ballistic missiles and their submarine fleet able to hit anywhere in the Middle East and Southern Europe.
As for testing, Israel has used sites in the Negev for non-atomic implosions, were once welcomed by the French to observe on their test sites, and by virtue of giving the technology to former-apartheid South Africa, participated in most likely at least one nuclear bomb test known as the Vela Incident in the southern Indian Ocean (South Africa later renounced their nuclear stockpile of A-bombs).

OK, so Iran? Where do we stand?
Assuming that Iran is following much the same course as Israel, they’d be at or about the 1960s stage of development to secure U-235 fuel rods in order to produce weapons grade plutonium and develop nuclear weapons…or are they?
When the Iranian revolution occurred in 1979, the Iranians abandoned the US/Shah’s nuclear development program and (unlike Israel) signed a variety of international treaties repudiating the possession of weapons of mass destruction, including the Biological Weapons Convention, the Chemical Weapons Convention, and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
At some point as the Israelis continued to develop and deploy their nuclear weapons throughout the Middle East and beyond, Iran apparently decided to hedge their bets and at least pursue nuclear energy, receiving aid from Russia to do so.

Mordechai Vanunu

Mordechai Vanunu

Israel, who themselves wrote the playbook on nuclear deception, of course can’t believe that another nation is not doing likewise. Therefore they oppose and threaten to destroy all attempts to create any form of nuclear development in the region, clean or otherwise, and browbeat their American political lapdogs to carry their water…
Iran has otherwise consistently supported the creation of a nuclear-weapons free zone in the Middle East. Iran formerly proposed the concept of a nuclear weapon free-zone in a joint resolution to the UN General Assembly (1974).
That call was repeated by Iran’s President Ahmadinejad in 2006. It was again reiterated by Iran’s Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki in 2008.
When it comes to nuclear weapons, Israel remains totally mum…for itself. Of course, we’re supposed to believe that they’re the good guys…
Is there a threat in the Middle East by a regional power prepared to employ nukes? Yup… But it ain’t Iran…not yet…

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD) November 2014…

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Ike, JFK & the 101st Airborne…

November 22nd, 1963, I was living on Crowder Hill, some 16-miles south of Nashville, TN. I have a flashbulb memory of that Friday. All of us of a certain age do. The sun was shining and it was warm, just over 70°. I was 21 and my family needed some groceries. Around 1:30 pm I walked down Highway 100 to the country store.
JFK.PT109-001Walking up on the porch, I could hear shouting and cheering thru the screen door. Several people were gathered around a small TV set. I got some milk and bread and went up to the counter.
One of the young women finally noticed me. She came over, rang up and bagged my food. She was flushed w/excitement when I asked what all the celebration was?
She replied, “Y’all ain’t heard? They shot that nigger-lover, son-of-a-bitch Kennedy!
My immediate shock was her language. After 4-yrs in the South, I don’t recall ever hearing a female curse. The others responded w/equal glee. My whole attention focused on the TV, refusing to believe it.
I didn’t usually go to that store so we were strangers. They didn’t know that I was “that goddamned yankee-boy” who had married “Cookie,” the baby of the Crowder Clan. My civil rights feelings and activity was otherwise well-known, but tolerated as I was “family.”
I walked back home in a daze and turned on CBS News. I was sitting in front of it when Walter Cronkite announced at 2:32 pm, clearly showing the same feelings as my own, “The two priests who were with Kennedy say that he is dead of his bullet wounds. That seems to be about as close to official as we can get at this time.”
I experienced a form of psychotic break. I recall clearly having the sense of a universe and historical timeline torn asunder. I could literally feel it…hear it. Everything that was to be was gone. Whatever was to become, would never be… The world had changed forever.
For the next several days, as celebrations swirled outside of my home, I was in a form of shock and could only passively watch the events unfolding on TV. When I witnessed the real-time murder of Lee Harvey Oswald 2-days later, I recall my central feeling was that now we’ll never know why…

When I joined the Army in 1959 barely 17, I took Basic and AIT (radio school) in GA. I then volunteered for the 101st Airborne at Ft. Campbell, KY. Dwight David Eisenhower (Ike) was president when I went in and John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) when I came out.

The day before D-Day 1944...

The day before D-Day 1944…

During World War-II, Ike was a 5-star general and became Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe. Jack Kennedy was a Lt. J.G. and commander of PT-109 in the Pacific. Kennedy survived the war to become a Congressman, Senator and President.

Having been born in the summer of ’42, I was only a baby when Jack’s boat was cut in half by a Jap destroyer and D-Day, June 6th, 1944 occurred. The 101st and 82nd jumped into Normandy in the pre-dawn hrs. Including the glider units, over 17,000 men participated. It was a bloodbath. By 30 June 5,493 men were killed or MIA.

As a young paratrooper in the 101st Airborne 15-yrs later, I was a member of the new STRAC unit, the Strategic Army Corp Pentomic military concept. Along w/the 82nd Airborne we were the designated first-strike forces to be deployed anywhere in the world upon instant notice.
The Pentomic concept involved 5-quick-strike combat brigades and their support units. We were also equipped w/the capacity for tactical nuclear weapons. There was a super-secret area of the base that we spoke about only as the “Bird-Cage,” where these weapons were stored in underground bunkers.
My job on a team of radio-relay, crypto operators was to provide secure communications between the battlefield and the Pentagon and White House.

February 1960

February 1960

When I joined the military for the last year-and-a-half of Ike’s presidency, we inherited the fruit of his entire Administration. There was the stalemate in Korea; US military support to France to regain their colonies in Indo-China; and a variety of other ops in Asia (Taiwan), Central & South America, Africa and the Middle East.
While Ike himself had a relatively modest stance on a number of these issues, his VP, Richard Nixon w/his control of the Committee of 40 (intel and corporatist officers) and the CIA, pretty much ruled the offense.

Civil rights had also come to the fore w/the US Supreme Court’s 1954 ruling on Brown v. Bd of Education. In ’57, Ike federalized the National Guard in Arkansas and sent in elements of the 101st Airborne to enforce the federal court’s order integrating Little Rock Central High School.

(Two interesting elements of that event included the fact that it was the first time that the federal gov’t had sent troops into the South since 1877, when the South had won back full political power after losing the Civil War militarily in 1865. They immediately instituted the Black Codes, Jim Crow and the Ku Klux Klan terror org.
(Also, the commander of the 101st forces sent to Little Rock was Major General Edwin Walker, who was later a target himself of an attempted assassination by Lee Harvey Oswald, according to the FBI, some 7-months prior to Oswald’s purported murder of Kennedy. Significance? ¿Quién sabe?)

After the overthrow of the Batista dictatorship in Cuba by Fidel Castro in ‘59, VP Nixon gave secret orders to the CIA to create training bases throughout the South to reinstall power to the gusanos (counter-revolutionary Cuban “worms”), Mafia and corporations whose unused land was distributed to Cuban farmers. Nixon expected he’d be elected president in 1960.

On January 20th, 1961, Jack Kennedy inherited all this and more. My initial 101st Division Commander was Major General Wm. C. Westmoreland, who wholeheartedly looked forward to jumping into Havana in support of the counter-revolution.
101stInsignia-001Unlike most of the rest of the Regular Army, the elite airborne was an all-volunteer force. The 101st was also comprised of a far greater mixture of racial/national elements; white, black, Native American, Cubans and other Hispanics, Hungarians, etc. (Jimi Hendrix joined the 101st in 1962.)
Many of us, including myself, had cheered Castro and his Robin Hood band when they made their revolution. The Argentinean Dr. Che Guevara (MD) was (and remains) an extraordinary revolutionary-guerilla figure.
Flipping our feelings to support Batista gusanos, the Mafia casino owners and Jack Frost sugar would not be quite so simple. Jumping into Havana would have started a war that few of us supported or had our hearts in…

In April of ’61, 3-months into Kennedy’s presidency, the pre-planned invasion of Cuba jumped off from Guatemala (where the White House and Justice Dept had banished the CIA and their gusano trainees from American soil). The 101st was put on full alert and we were literally poised w/our aircraft for instant 2-hr deployment…lock ‘n load.
In addition to over 1,400 paramilitaries of the counter-revolutionary Brigade 2506 and 8 CIA-supplied B-26 bombers, which attacked Cuban air fields on the night of 16 April, the main invasion landed at a beach named Playa Girón in the Bay of Pigs the next day. While JFK had nominally accepted its initial reality, he refused to commit any US forces to the enterprise.
(I later learned that his favorite general, Medal-of-Honor Marine David M. Shoup, had counseled Kennedy to NOT invade Cuba [nor Vietnam, for that matter]. JFK listened; reports since indicate that he had ordered the drawing down of Special Forces in Vietnam around the time of the Diem assassinations. They were countermanded by LBJ when he became president 3-wks later.)

Castro personally took command of the operation against the gusano forces. On 20 April, the invaders surrendered.

(As serendipity would have it, one of the Brigade 2506 gusano commanders would be a cellmate of mine in federal prison, 1991. He was also a chiropractor who had defrauded Medicare out of several $million. We had some interesting discussions…)

Kennedy was forced to negotiate the release of the 1,189 prisoners. Cuba released them in exchange for a promise of $53 million worth of food and medicine, of which the US reneged once the men were released. Castro, convinced that the US would launch more invasions, declared that Cuba was socialist and accepted aid from the Soviet Union.
According to biographer Richard Reeves, Kennedy was convinced that the invasion plan was a setup to make him look bad. He took responsibility for the failure, saying, “We got a big kick in the [ass] and we deserved it. But maybe we’ll learn something from it.”

Other related events to Ike and Kennedy were the results in 1947 of the Truman Administration’s reluctant support of the UN Partition of Palestine into an Arab and a Jewish State. Truman preferred an Arab-Jewish federation; a binational state w/the Palestinians. The Zionist leadership in conflict with 3 of the surrounding Arab nations, launched a War of “Independence” in May of ’48, grabbing most of Palestine and expelling most of the Palestinians from their homes in this “now Israeli” territory.
The Egyptians took control of the Gaza Strip, Syria took the Golan, and Jordan took the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Every got a piece of the pie–for the moment–except the Palestinians themselves.  Truman imposed an arms embargo against Israel.

UNpartition-001With Ike in the White House, in 1956 the Israelis w/the aid of the Brits and France, invaded the Sinai, Suez and planned to invade Egypt. Ike opposed this and forced them to withdraw…they refused a complete withdrawal. On February 20th, 1957, Eisenhower went directly to the American people (Israel owned Congress…and still does). Ike explained that he was continuing Truman’s arms embargo and said:

Should a nation which attacks and occupies foreign territory in the face of UN disapproval be allowed to impose conditions on its own withdrawal? If we agreed that armed attack can properly achieve the purposes of the assailant, then I fear we will have turned back the clock of international order…. I believe that in the interests of peace the UN has no choice but to exert pressure upon Israel to comply with the withdrawal resolutions.”

By 1963, JFK turned that around, agreeing to create a US-Israel military alliance and give Israel advanced military aid. Israel has since received $3+billion a yr in such aid as outright grants (free public $$).

However, Kennedy was adamant on opposing nuclear weapons to or by Israel and tried to enforce America’s non-proliferation policy. When the US discovered the existence of a nuclear plant at Dimona, Israel, Israel’s leader, Ben-Gurion met with Kennedy in New York and made the bald-faced lie claiming that Dimona was being developed to provide nuclear power for desalinization and other peaceful purposes.
When the US was allowed to inspect the site, an American science attaché at the embassy in Tel Aviv concluded that parts of the Dimona facility had been shut down temporarily to mislead American scientists when they visited. Since then, Israel has developed many nuclear bombs and deploys them throughout the Middle East on their submarines poised to attack—should they ever so decide.

Other JFK timeline related events included the Berlin Wall, Laos and Vietnam, and the Cuban Missile Crisis. After leaving the military and working more actively in the civil rights movement, the Kennedy Administration played a significant role in objective and moral support.  Believe me, having the federal gov’t—as halfheartedly as it was—was all the difference to those of us working in the KKK/police South…  I also served over a yr on one of the South’s most brutal chain-gangs.
And today? From where I sit, back in 1959-65 there were still the original 11-states of the former Confederacy. Today there are 32…  Whatever rending of the fabric of the universe accomplished back on November 22nd, 1963, today the world is a lot more dangerous place and America is a lot less democratic…

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD) November 2014…

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Religion & Social Consciousness…

Disclosure: To begin with, I’ve never been a believer in religion, ghosts, goblins or tooth fairies…

BeachJusticeMy earliest autobiographical memory (circa 1945; about 3-yrs-old) was of digging for the devil in my front yard w/my toy beach pail and shovel. Somewhere I got the idea that he was responsible for all the bad in my limited world, that he lived under the ground and I was gonna stop him.
My father came home, asked what I was doing, and gave me a spanking for digging a hole in the front yard, then beat my mother … I suppose for not watching me.
That gave me my first Aha! moment: People make shit up.

Of course, given society’s acculturational processes, like practically all of us I was required to learn and abide by the established rules. My mother’s Irish family had me baptized, First Holy Communion and Confirmation in the Roman Catholic Church in Rhode Island.

When I was 8-or-so and my parents divorced, my father’s Slovakian family in the South Bronx made me go thru much the same rituals in their Russian Orthodox Church. My childhood “money route” on Saturdays was down the street from Bathgate Avenue in the Hasidic Orthodox Jewish community as a Shabbos Goy. We all have our “devils living under the front yard.”

After my mother and her Jewess partner, Ruth, gained custody of me, religion slipped into the background. Both of them were nominal participants in the holiday observations of their familial religions. I enlisted in the Army at 17 (1959) and they put Catholic on my dog-tags. After Basic Training in Hell’s Kitchen, Ft. Benning, I was sent to Ft. Gordon, GA, for radio school.

DixieJusticeRun ins w/off-base racists (I had a NYC mouth) obliged me to assume an alter-ego of Bernie Cohen in the more tolerant Jewish community. Teen nights w/Jewish girls at the Synagogue and Sunday dinners made soldiering a lot more tolerable.
Volunteering for the 101st Airborne at Ft. Campbell, KY, I had the opportunity of taking passes to Nashville, which featured Printer’s Alley with Boots Randolph and Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge with Willie Nelson, among many others on the music scene.
I married a TN girl after I turned 18 in 1960 and after the Army we lived south of Nashville on Crowder’s Hill. I joined her Southern Baptist church and was even baptized. That beat the local alternative of hanging out w/the Klan and “popping side-road ‘niggers’ w/whiskey bottles.” (Going to the police? Ha! They were the police! Just like today…)

(When I listen these days to all those grown-up racists and their progeny talk about that “uppity” Obama and all those “liberal” Democrats, I’m not in the least bit fooled by such “coded” talk. In “polite company” it’s always how they speak. The main difference is that today, instead of just 11 states of the Confederate South, there are now 32 of them…along with both houses of Congress and the US Supreme Court. Gonna be a long and rocky road…)

In Nashville, I variously worked as a mechanical draftsman, roller-dance instructor and door-to-door encyclopedia salesman. Traveling throughout TN, GA, AL and MS during 1962-63–when I wasn’t dodgin’ irate husbands and fathers–I was running from the Klan and their police. I ended up on a chain-gang for much of 1964 and ’65.
When I got out I blew the whistle on that chapter of Southern insanity by first-hand accounts in the Nashville Tennessean, and helped get the workhouse placed under federal receivership and the rock-quarry gang shut down. My wife had since moved on and given that I had over-stayed my Southern welcome, I moved back up north.

I settled in Detroit and got a job working as a Quality Control Inspector in the aerospace industry (Local 212, UAW).  I was exposed for the first time to guys from the 1930s and ‘40s who had built the unions and had also served as sergeants in the Pacific during World War-II. After that war they were a part of organizing the “Bring the Boys Home” movement in opposition to reestablishing colonialism. They were various types of socialists and communists.

WorldEyeIn the summer of 1966 I had an extraordinary secular epiphany. In psychology: a Conversion Experience (CE). I didn’t realize it’s technical explanation until later when I studied psychology at the university. At the time, it was such a strange, acid-like journey that I never spoke of it. Later still, in my post-grad yrs and doctoral studies (PsyD, Doctor of Psychology), I made CEs a significant aspect of my research and dissertation.

(Just after waking up and starting to brush my teeth, I looked up and was startled to see a hole where the mirror had been. I was looking into another bathroom w/a complete stranger staring back at me. While startled, I soon realized that the stranger mimicked my every move precisely.
After some momentary confusion, I became convinced that I was in fact looking at myself in the mirror. The effect was so realistic that I studied my face for awhile. What was different? Why did I have this weird feeling of looking at a stranger?)

In a nutshell, I learned that the psychic effect was an artifact of an almost instantaneous transformation from perceiving myself as a solitary figure, to a consciousness of social connection. This sudden change and awareness included a sense of universality, being an integral part of the entire cosmos. All mental alienation between myself, life, material form and energy evaporated.
This included a profound change in the consciousness of individualism. While we are indeed born into perceiving life solely as individuals, at some point we have the capacity to develop a social consciousness. We can then perceive individualism as a shared, even secondary characteristic of existence. One cannot progress into social and moral maturity by remaining fixated on infantile individualism.

Epihany-001Conversion Experiences (or if they contain religious reference, epiphanies) are fairly rare phenomena. Perhaps only as many as 10% of a given population experience one. Most people acquire knowledge and socialization thru accretional learning. A few resist that process until they hit a psychic/emotional wall. If they have access to other models of beliefs and behavior, they may experience sudden shifts in consciousness … an epiphany, or a conversion experience.
These shifts are usually accompanied by a universal sense of connection (w/or w/out belief in a deity) and assume quite long duration…usually for a life-time.

Given the still early social maturity of the human species, it’s hardly any surprise that most of these CEs are in fact experienced as epiphanies. That is, most individuals culturally tend to surrender to a belief in a supreme being, which holds ultimate authority and reactive punishment … a mirror image of the predatory individual state of human relations still prevalent on Earth.

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD) November 2014

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All Hallows’ Eve…

We buried Paul in Matamoros, Mexico, November 1st, 1975, the day after All Hallows’ Eve (Halloween).

When we arrived at the cemetery, the area was full of road-stands selling foods and souvenirs. There was quite a crowd dressed formally and colorfully … like it was Carnival time.Halloween-002
Asking the funeral rep accompanying us with Paul’s body, “Is the cemetery like this all the time?” he replied, “No. This is Día de Todos los Santos [All Saints’ Day].” Seeing my perplexity, he continued…
It is believed that the souls of children return to the world of the living followed by adult spirits on Día de los Muertos, tomorrow. The children are known as angelitos, so today is called El Día de los Angelitos. The graves of children are cleaned and decorated with candles, paper streamers, and seasonal flowers such as cempazuchiles [Marigolds].
Shops and stands throughout Mexico sell toys and candy in the form of symbols such as skeletons, coffins, and the personification of La Muerta [Death]. Many families have special gatherings at home and cemeteries to honor dead relatives today and tomorrow.
“There is a belief among some that those buried today will rise back to life tomorrow…”
I turned to my associates, Dr. Robin Barraco and Jim Kennedy, “Maybe we outta stick around ‘til tomorrow and see if Paul comes back?

Paul Gribling & friends off the Florida coast.

Paul Gribling & friends off the Florida coast.

Paul Gribling (29) was my friend and partner in the reefer trade at Wayne State University, Detroit, where we were both students. In ’74 we put together an op to smuggle kilos of cocaine from Colombia, South America. A Kilo down there cost $3,000 and flipped in Detroit for $50,000!

In today’s money, that’s $275,000! You figure out the incentive…
Criminalization (prohibition) drove the market.  Back in the 1960s and ’70s there were few moral concerns regarding the recreational use of reefer, coke, LSD, peyote and the like. The university scene was relatively open to drug experimentation. Clients included professionals, doctors, lawyers, judges, businessmen and even cops.

This was some 10-yrs before the CIA-Contra connection created the crack market ($5, $10 and $20 rocks of cheap smokable coke) that devastated black and poor communities. (After 1983 the “politically correct” market for coke changed significantly.)
Included in the Carib crew were Donnie, a key-grip who provided gaffing (lighting, electrical, etc.) for the film-making and video industries; Mike, a former Navy SEAL who commanded a capping-sub for an oil company in the Gulf; and others.

(Years later, as a friend and contributor to the author Elmore Leonard, I provided a number of these vignettes for use in his novels. Dutch’s 1988 Detroit book, Freaky Deaky, includes part of that period.)

One leg of the op included renting a yacht in West Palm Beach. It wasn’t supposed to go all the way down to Colombia (the coke would be air-dropped to them off the coast), but after some 3-weeks-or-so, Paul became quite ill from the sun and exposure.
After a couple of weeks land-side, Paul felt well enough to continue the journey back to the US (two of the crew were skilled scuba divers, which took care of the delivery end). Paul again became quite ill. It later turned out, having the kind of pale skin he had, he was especially susceptible to the sun. By the time he was diagnosed w/melanoma cancer, it had metastasized throughout his organs. Within the year he succumbed to the disease.

Paul in Syria at a Palestinian Training base.

Paul in Syria visiting a Palestinian training base in 1971.

I’ve always associated this time of the year to the memory of Paul. He started out in his academic career seeking to become a CIA analyst. After his graduation with a BA, he became quite the expert in studying the Koreas. Paul was on his last leg to obtain a master’s degree on the subject. Paul and I traveled a lot, including East Africa and the Middle East.
His Southern California upbringing, long hair, political independence, veggie-diet and abiding interest in numerous coeds always struck me as a rite of passage. I could never get a handle on what he was truly serious about. Where he might have ended up is anyone’s guess. But that was true for many of us in the generation born during World War-II and immediately thereafter … and coming of age in the Cultural Revolution of the ‘60s.

Paul in East Africa 1973.

Paul in the Serengeti, East Africa 1973.

Like myself, Paul was a secular universalist. We especially enjoyed Halloween. In fact, I grew up thinking that Halloween pretty much came 3-or-4 times a year. My mother and her partner, Ruth, would throw parties that many of the gay, bi and lesbian partiers would be dressed in various forms of drag. What does a kid know? It was all just Halloween to us.

I’ve studied Halloween for its historical context. It always seemed to me to be the one pure pagan holiday that Christianity had not usurped, but not for lack of trying…

In the US and Canada, the season is also nationally celebrated as Thanksgiving (Jour de l’Action de grâce in French Canada) as a holiday of giving thanks for the bounty of the preceding year’s harvest.

Halloween started out in the Gaelic version as Samhain (SAH-win), about halfway between the Autumn equinox and the winter solstice. Its theme was to use “humor and ridicule to confront the power of death.” Clearly, the pagans loved to invent reasons to party-down.

Colombia 1974

Santa Marta, Colombia 1974

Once the Christian church achieved partnership w/the Roman Empire (circa 300 CE), they engaged in a series of usurpations of pagan holidays in order to co-opt such celebrations. Why bother trying to invent new ones when they can simply take over those already in existence?

Sometimes the takeover was not complete. The pagan holiday of winter solstice, for instance, was always a big event. The sun seems to stand still and then return for another year of growth in the world.That was certainly cause for celebration.

Christians celebrate the Birth of Christ (even though he was not born at that time of year, at least according to the biblical descriptions), as one of worship and fasting (at least initially). A week later we can all celebrate the event as New Year’s, partying down in a drunken orgy.

As we were burying Paul, we had attracted quite a large crowd. We were told that people do not normally bury bodies on that day. While there were no problems, it did make us somewhat wary. I suppose that some paid particular attention to that grave over the next couple of days….

All in all, I prefer the harvest festival … Halloween, of all the holidays. The Gaelic guising (trick or treat in various disguises) as a child was an added bonus.

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD), October 2014…



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Kurds & the Middle East…

One of the great ironies of history occurred in 1241. After Mongol hordes had conquered practically all of Asia, Iran and Russia, they were at the gates of Vienna with nothing standing between them and all of Europe. Suddenly they stopped….Mongols
Their leader, Ogedei Khan, had died and they returned home to compete for the succession to the Mongol Empire. Europe was thus spared conquest, occupation and a change in the course of all history since … perhaps.
Consider what Europe and Christianity eventually inflicted throughout the world, especially the Western Hemisphere thru colonial genocide over the next several hundred years. The First World War? The Second?
Would an Asian history be substantially different or was humanity doomed to predatory profiteering as conservative Social-Darwinists assert in their own defense?

One of the many events currently rattling the world scene as corporatism wages a never-ending war for profits—whatever ideals and other disguises are applied—is in the resource-rich area of the Middle East.
Petro-chemicals and war-profiteering are the driving forces. A tiny fraction of humanity already owns and controls over half the natural resources and wealth of the entire world. How much more could possibly satisfy them? Is there any limit to their profit, privilege and power?Kurdistan-001
As fascinating as this rhetorical question may be, allow me to scale it down to some comprehension of the peoples we’re currently engaged with…the Kurds of the Middle East. Who are they? Where did they come from? And what do they want?

The red area shown here are the tribal lands of the Kurds…NOT any nation. For the moment, they have no nation.
As we watch the current news coming out of Kobane, a Kurdish city in northern Syria up on the border w/Turkey, we’re witnessing the desperate battle for survival between the Kurds—most especially the women of Kurdistan (who enjoy far more social mixing and freedom w/males in Kurdish society than they do in the Islamic-Arab states)—and the ISIL fanatics.
Most Americans view the Kurds as a nomadic tribe of Arabs up in the mountains of Iraq and Syria. They’re wrong. Kurds are part of the Iranian tribal grouping; they’re not Arabic or Semitic.

(Arabs are descended, along w/their co-Semitic half-brothers, from Abraham.  Abraham’s first-born, Ishmael was caste out of the family; biblical history tells us that he became the founder of nomadic [Arab] Semites.
(Abraham’s second-born, Isaac, by his half-sister/wife, became his favorite and the progenitor of the Hebrew Semites. Abraham himself was an emigrant from Ur, an ancient Sumerian city in the south of Mesopotamia.)

The ancient Aryan migrations from the Caucasus Mountains...

The ancient Aryan migrations from the Caucasus Mountains…

Kurds, Iranians, Pashtun and others are a different line altogether. Their descent is from Aryan peoples who migrated down from the Caucasus Mountains further north.

The name, Iranian, is phonetically related to the term Aryan. Same people. There were actually two great migrations of the Aryan Caucasus back thousands of years ago … those who traveled south and became the large family of Iranians (including Kurds and Pashtun), versus those who went west into Europe, Aryans. Genetic analysis of Europeans and Kurds/Iranians further establish this link.
(The term Aryan is a neutral ethno-linguistic classification despite the concept of the Aryan race as has been used by proponents of ideologically-motivated racism and white supremacists. In the latter sense, Aryanism developed as a racial ideology that claimed that the Aryan race was a master race. The reality is that there are no master or “chosen” races…period. Except, of course, by themselves.)

"Rehana" reported 28Oct'14 captured and beheaded.

“Rehana” reported 28Oct’14 captured and beheaded.

The population of Kurds might also surprise Americans. While there are, for example, 14.2 million Jews in the world (6.2 million in Israel/Palestine), and 11.6 million Palestinians (5.8 million in Israel/Palestine), there are an estimated 30 million Kurds! Certainly no small nomadic tribe wandering the Middle East.
All but some 2 million live in the area they describe as Kurdistan, which overlaps the political borders of Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran. This is in fact another example of how the history of colonialism, which created these borders, controlled these populations.
(By the way, the same split-border division of the Pashtun (50 millions) between Afghanistan and Pakistan was accomplished by the British Durand Line. We see those political results today… The Pashtun are the same originating Aryan-Caucasus race as the Kurds.)
Today, that history includes the US/Israeli/Saudi oil/war/colonial axis, which created the blowback and fertile conditions for ISIL. This conflict attracts more and more adherence from disrupted local populations–as well as a seemingly growing number of nutzos from the Judeo-Christian-Islamic fringes (as well as the usual opportunistic profiteers). Its leadership claims it’s trying to reestablish the Abbasid Caliphate (750-1517 CE), and the Kurds are literally being caught dead in the middle. A tragic example is that of Ceylan Ozalp (19) pictured here…

She saved the last bullet for herself rather than be captured by the running-dogs of ISIL...

She saved the last bullet for herself rather than be captured by the running-dogs of ISIL…

Up to 25% of the Turkish population is Kurdish, so one can see—given historical Turkish repression of the Kurds—why the Turks today refuse to aid the Kurds in Kobane, just across their Syrian border. Since the Turks also oppose the Assad Arab Socialist regime of Syria, they work toward both sides killing each other. The last thing that Turkey wants is a viable united Kurdistan.

Of course, one of the final questions down the road is just how far will the Kurds allow themselves to be controlled and used by the US/Israeli/Saudi axis. The sacrifices of the masses are always cheered and applauded by corporatist profiteers … until it’s time to share/control their resources and labor…

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD) Oct. 2014

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Iraq, Syria & Humanity…

Galactic Status Report: Given the following analysis and the potential for humans to discover the technology allowing them to travel beyond their star system, we caution against any contact at this time.
We estimate that while only some 3% of the human species are predatory, this group has in fact usurped the vast majority of wealth on the planet (all produced by a wage-slave, working-underclass) and rule over the entire species–indeed, the entire bio-habitat–w/a parasitic pathology.Earth Observer
Given previous contacts, we expect that this species has a small chance to socially advance and learn to control their predatory sub-caste. More likely, they will self-destruct. Either event is well w/in the norms of the Prime Directive. (End of report.)

In addition to social development, how nice it would be if we simply followed The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1948.
Of course, the reality is that Euro-colonialism—which the West celebrates as commencing w/the 15th century travels of Columbus—is the result of quite intentional decisions by persons seeking personal profit by colonial predation over victim societies. This remains much the same template for international relations today.
When I look at the changes in the Lavant over just the lifetime of my grandparents (1900), I’m quite astounded.

On the eve of The Great War (World War-I), the entire region was occupied and dominated by the Ottoman Empire, founded in 1516. The Ottomans joined w/Germany and Austria-Hungary and when the war was lost by these Central Powers, they also lost their colonies.OttoEmp1900

The former League of Nations established a mandate system of administering certain former colonies after the Great War. France took the mandates of Lebanon and Syria, and Britain took Palestine and Mesopotamia.
Lebanon and Syria formed their own republics during the Second World War and in 1946 the French left. Britain carved their areas into the political states of Palestine, Jordan and Iraq.
Underlying these social and political realities is the creation of Israel in 1948 and the fact that 66% of the world’s oil production comes from the Middle East.
The World Zionist Organization (WZO), founded in the 1890s in Austria among a group of ultra-nationalist Jewish petty-bourgeoisie, assumed that assimilation was impossible. They argued that there is an abiding state of anti-Semitism among non-Jews and that the solution was their own colonial-state in Palestine and beyond (how far beyond is an evolving issue). As for oil, this resource remains the major driving force in all Western/Middle East competition and conflict. As the popular saying goes, “Follow the money…”PalArea1916
The old Phoenician empire evolved into the modern state of Lebanon. Lebanon’s location, as also w/Palestine, at the Med/Arabian crossroads shaped a cultural identity of religious and ethnic diversity. Both Maronite Christians and Islam continue to share cultural and political power in Lebanon.
The Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party was founded in Syria in 1941 w/an ideological mixture of Pan/Arab nationalism and socialism. Ba’athism calls for “Unity, Liberty, Socialism” of the Arab world. While recognizing the freedom of religion, it was able to advance toward a modern, multi-ethnic state, and grant women far more power and equality than they get in either the Islamic or aristocratic states of the region. Allied w/the former Soviet Union, its anti-imperial policies made it a steady target of the West and Israel.
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan was carved out of a vast area east of the Jordan River by the British and achieved its aristocratic independence also in 1946. During Israel’s takeover of most of the Palestinian mandate in 1948, Jordan invaded the West Bank of the Jordan River and effectively annexed the territory.
In 1967, Israel launched a preemptive war against Jordan, Syria and Egypt, thus expanding their territory east to the Jordan River, south to the Suez Canal and north through the Golan.
Iraq is by far the most intriguing state in the region. It is the birthplace of the West’s concept of its own beginnings…the “Cradle of Civilization.” Iraq’s borders were carved out of the area known as Mesopotamia almost single-handedly by an extraordinary British woman, Gertrude Bell. Bell was an English writer, political officer, administrator, archaeologist and spy.
At the conclusion of her political duties, she founded and administered the National Library of Iraq and the Iraqi Archaeological Museum.
Bell and T.E. Lawrence (“Lawrence of Arabia”) both employed the standard political practice of installing ruling gov’ts in their colonies from minority elites, initially even importing the Hashemite brothers respectively as kings in French Syria and British Jordan and Iraq.

Middle East 1923

Middle East 1923

While working to keep major influence in the hands of their former colonial masters, it also contained the seeds of conflict. While monarchies were established in these nations, the only surviving one to date is in Jordan.
Established in 1922, the Kingdom of Iraq gained independence from Britain in 1932. In 1958, the monarchy was overthrown and the Republic of Iraq was created. Iraq was then controlled by a wing of the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party from 1968 until 2003 under Saddam Hussein.
At the height of the Bush-Cheney drumbeats for war against Saddam Hussein and Iraq in the post-“Reichstag Fire” 9/11 atmosphere (their intent to use that excuse to seize Iraq’s oil, the world’s second-largest producer after Saudi Arabia), I wrote a proposal for consideration to the Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq, Tariq Aziz who was scheduled to appear at the UN in NYC. I was a federal prisoner at that time.
I’ve always had an avid interest in anthropology, archaeology and other expressions of ancient history. The West derives much of its self-image from the history of the “Cradle of Civilization” and the “Fertile Crescent,” primarily the Tigris-Euphrates Mesopotamian basin, which is today the central mass of modern Iraq.
The ancient empire of Sumer gave birth to Abram, the father of Judaism, which in turn spawned Christianity and Islam.
My proposal—many would no doubt call it a pipe-dream (preferably a hookah filled w/Afghani hashish)—not-so-modestly entailed declaring the entire state of Iraq to be a United Nations National Park museum-site. As such, it would be administered by the then regime of Saddam Hussein and be open to all nations.

Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient Mesopotamia

Recall, that back at the time of this proposal–on the eve of March 20th, 2003, when the US and others invaded Iraq–there could be no doubt where all that was going to end. The Bush administration had falsely linked Saddam and Iraq w/the “global war on terror.” Salafist terrorists at that time had zero-presence in Iraq. Saddam Hussein had zero tolerance for Islamic fanatics.
If Iraq could petition the support of a vast majority of UN membership, charter the nation as a World Heritage Site based upon its history and vast untapped archaeology w/an international proposal to rebuild where possible those ancient cities funded by the state’s oil revenues, and open the state to the world based upon that scenario as a tourist mecca, it could literally avoid the certain ravages of war…or at least make it perfectly clear to all that such a war is purely the for-profit intent of certain predatory profiteers.
Given the conditions of the time, I don’t think the proposal was all that off-the-wall. With an open-state declaration, what could be the justification for war? The letter was delivered back to me unopened.
So here we are. On March 20th, 2003, the US commenced its “Shock & Awe” devastation of the thoroughly modern city of Baghdad, then occupied that nation…spawning further fanatical resistance.

Even the former director of the CIA at the time, George J. Tenet, stated that VP Cheney and other Bush officials pushed the country to war in Iraq without ever conducting a “serious debate” about whether Saddam Hussein posed an imminent threat to the United States.MEastToday
It’s estimated that 1+million civilians in Iraq alone have lost their lives due to the conflict. The originally US/Saudi/CIA force of Al Queda (created and deployed to Afghanistan back in 1980 to fight the Soviets) have morphed exponentially into an astonishing array of Salafist/Wahhabist fanatics and others across the breath of the Middle and Near East and throughout Northern Africa.
The US and the world have been plunged into a Great Recession, second only to the Great Depression of the 1930s (which had further led to world war). Currently, the US/Israeli/Saudi axis is fanning and fighting a runaway blowback effect in Syria and beyond. Not having learned the lesson of Saddam (if, indeed, it was not a conscious strategic decision to begin with), the axis is now seeking to destroy what remains of the gov’t of Syria.
If there are galactic observers of humanity’s ruling wealthy elite, they are surely astonished at both the utter madness of the leadership and the pathetic lack of rational response by the masses. Small wonder that SETI is greeted by total silence.

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD), October 2014…

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Politics or Crime?

The morning of 9/11/2001, as America was learning about the terror attacks in NYC and Washington, DC, I was approached by three prison lieutenants and locked down in the Segregated Housing Unit (SHU, the “hole”) at FCI Jesup, GA. It wasn’t yet noon.

9/11, 2001

9/11, 2001

    I would be held there incommunicado for the next 50 days. I later learned I was one of 130+ political prisoners in the United State’s federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) locked down by a secret Justice Department directive that day.
    Upon my eventual release back to general population in November, I learned of the specifics of the attack and that a grab-bag of security-state powers had been enacted as the oxymoronic Patriot Act.
    The business partners of Bush & Cheney– the Saudis and bin Ladens—had been allowed to escape FBI interrogation and returned to their nation (even as all general and commercial aviation in the US had been shut down).
    The most astonishing fact was that wars against Afghanistan and Iraq were in preparation. The attack was obviously an international criminal act, not perpetrated by any nation (unless one considered the regime of Saudi Arabia who financed Al Qaeda and provided 15 of the 19 terrorists). As a former journalist in the Middle East, I knew that blaming Afghanistan or Iraq was pure folly.
    Millions have subsequently been murdered and displaced. The blowback continues. Only the military-corporatist complex has profited … which was obviously the intent following Day One of Ground Zero.
    The use of the military to combat terrorist groups that have sanctuary w/in national borders is understandable, but only w/in the context of an international criminal-justice context … not a war that can’t help but target the innocent population.
And that’s where we remain today…

“Political” propaganda is the default cloak of state and high crime. “Crime” itself is defined and legislated by those who rule and regulate it. (The Koch Brothers are today’s poster boys for political-criminal corporatism.) Civilization can be measured by how well the masses of a given society can assert political power over themselves.
When I was 14, I robbed my newspaper-route manager. I was given probation. (While the cops were writing me up, one of them said, “You gotta be pretty stupid knowing that you couldn’t get away w/this!

Without thinking, I replied, “YOU gotta be pretty stupid if you think that I did this knowing I’d be caught!” (Actually, I wasn’t “caught,” I was snitched out.) The cop behind me kicked out the chair and slapped the piss outta me. I learned a life lesson. Cops can say and do whatever they want, you can’t. That life lesson continues.
At 16, I was given a choice of going into the Army or facing charges for a number of business burglaries.

In the Army at 17, I found real crime and terror (1959-61; 101st Airborne, GA and TN). I was introduced to the KKK, their police allies (most often one and the same) and a post-bellum population that largely excused and enabled them. I managed to survive…barely.

How much have the times REALLY changed?

How much have the times REALLY changed?

After the Army I remained in the Old South, re-trained as a draftsman, taught roller-dancing and sold encyclopedias door-to-door. I was also active in civil rights throughout GA, FL, AL, MS and TN. I served a brutal year+ on a rock-quarry, chain-gang, and Finally Got the News.
In September of ’65, they took me outta their hole–after patching up my bones and an operation to remove a soup spoon handle from my stomach—took me down to the Trailways bus station to the first bus going north, removed my chains, and warned me, “Don’t let your goddamn yankee, ‘nigger-lovin’ ass, step foot south of the Mason-Dixon again, boy!
I left them with a gift. I blew the whistle on their criminal-terror system in a series of articles in the Nashville Tennessean, helped get the rock-quarry gang closed down and place the workhouse under federal receivership. At least for awhile…
Trailways took me to Detroit. I got a factory job that exposed me to old-time radicals from the 1930s and soon acquired a comprehensive class-consciousness (Local #212, UAW). In the summer of ’66 I had a conversion experience and have since considered myself a revolutionary socialist.
Turning to political activism, I was elected Chairman of the Detroit Committee to End the War in Vietnam (DCEWV), co-founder and chair of the Veterans Against the War (VAW) and an Executive Committee member of the Young Socialist Alliance and the Socialist Workers Party (YSA/SWP).
In ’68, I took the SAT and was accepted at Wayne State University (despite my 9th grade education, I had passed the GED in the Army). I attended school on the GI Bill. In my freshman year, I became the Managing Editor of the daily student newspaper, The South End. The skids were well-greased for several years as a journalist in the Middle East, 17-yrs in criminal/civil investigations out of Detroit, and eventually a doctorate (PsyD) in Forensic Psychology. I also learned some of the finer merits of capitalism … at least the truly free enterprise side.
Coming out of the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s, in addition to rock ‘n roll and free-love, were a variety of drugs … especially reefer. Whenever the state prohibits a popular product or service they in fact create a profitable market for it.

Make Love -- Not War!

Make Love — Not War!

The reality is that a significant portion of the US economy is based on under-the-table entrepreneurship … a cash economy. What? You thought all that $$ went into backyard PVC tubes? The real deal is that 99% of illicit cash is either recirculated into the economy and/or “trickles up” into the coffers and pockets of the wealthy elite (the reverse of Stockman/Reagan’s dictum.)
For some of us (on main-street), rather than continuing to seek drugs from a stone-criminal market, we developed independent sources. Why let our money keep flowing to external and criminal orgs? We could finance our own ops.
The market and purchases continued to escalate reaching higher into wholesale suppliers. Mid-level business developed and the standard market-pyramid was created. I was soon marketing lots of 100 lbs and up. I recall one delivery of 2,000 lbs. People major in Harvard business for this shit.
I was not much into personally profiteering … most of the funds went into progressive causes. (Right-wing orgs do the same, but of course they’re criminal predators to begin with and focused on personal wealth.)

In 1974, pursuing a defense witness in a drug case I was investigating, I traveled to Colombia, South America. Long story short, I was on the cusp of a marketing revolution in cocaine…a product that had also become ubiquitous in the student/grad/professional community (including cops, lawyers, teachers, doctors, judges, politicians, etc.).
A kilo of coke (2.2 lbs.) in ’74 in Colombia went for $1500-to-$5000. It flipped in Detroit (wholesale) for $50,000! ($275,000 in today’s $$) I was also a pilot by then, so the transition was logical. Returning vets from ‘Nam were quite ubiquitous in their entrepreneurial skills … yachts, ships, subs … you name it.
But things changed big-time in 1983 when the CIA and its ultra-right contractors got into the drug and arms trade. Reagan had a war to finance (Congress denied him funding after Vietnam.) Col. Oliver North and Admiral John Poindexter actually testified to Congress in the Iran-Contra Hearings that they didn’t inform Reagan because, they “knew what he wanted and what needed to be done,” and that it was their duty to give the President “plausible deniability.” In addition to arms, the DEA, CIA and other ops opened up new coke markets in the US (starting in LA) by creating crack. The whole episode is documented in a new film coming out on the subject, “Kill the Messenger.”
Unlike powder coke, usually sold by gram weight, snorted and costing about $100, rocks of crack (free-base coke) was smoked, having a greater and immediate rush-high and affordable rocks at $5, $10 and $20 sizes.
As a marketing strategy, it was brilliant. It was also deadly. It was remarkably cheap, instantaneous, and psychologically, addictively devastating. And it had the dual benefit of financing both the war and providing unending fodder to the prison-industrial complex. (The mirth in gov’t and corporate club rooms must have been quite hilarious.)
Practically every progressive/left org in the US that I had contact w/had at least one op who handled “underground fund-raising.” Discussions concerning the social devastation being created upon a susceptible mass of the population led to our decision to suspend all sales related to cocaine.

♪"Bringin' in a couple of keys..."♫

♪”Bringin’ in a couple of keys…”♫

By 1988, I became personally aware of a mail-cover, wiretaps and surveillance by the FBI (they got their spies; we had plenty of our own … still do). Being long out of the drug trade, I ignored them and continued my investigation work for Detroit area law firms.
Well, as the ancient Chinese Curse goes, “May you live in interesting times…” A series of incidents, occurred that put me back on the burner. I shot a former client in self-defense who later turned out to have been a confidential informant (CI) for the FBI. Opps… He was a part of their entrapment scheme.
While the state ruled it justifiable homicide, the FBI set me up for charges w/a crew they had just busted (a criminal group; no one I ever worked with). It was a pressure tactic to recruit me. I refused to “cooperate.” They gave several of those conspirators a free ride if they testified against me (putting me in their conspiracy). Three did.
I was tried, convicted and sentenced to 25-yrs. Long story. From 1990 thru 2010, I attended the American Gulag University (the federal Bureau of Prisons) “grad-school” for advanced criminal “justice.” (Hey! What can I say… It’s not like I can get too bent outta shape. Come the revolution, they’ll have no complaints when THEY TOO will pay for their PAST miss-deeds…)
During the same period as my trial, August of 1990, I was amused to watch former US ally Iraq roll into Kuwait for a 7-month occupation. They systematically looted numerous banks of $billions in foreign currency and notes, 3,216 gold bars (30#s each), 1,500 sets of commemorative gold coins, 120,000 valuable and historical books and documents from the National Library, numerous art and archaeo-antiquities from the National Museum, cars, planes…etc. The heist caravan of loot stretched for over 300 miles back to Baghdad.
I did my time honorably, serving in over a dozen US prisons, mostly clerking for staff, UNICOR (prison factories), eventually even being assigned to the Air Force at Maxwell AFB as an animal trainer, and the Navy as a Haz-Mat officer at Pensacola NAS. (Fed time can be different than state time.)
When several US banks and Wall Street financial manipulators busted the economy in 2008, they had their bribed elected officials loot the public treasury in turn to “bail them out.” They were “too big to fail.” Ponzi taken to the nth power…  Back in ’33 FDR signed the Glass-Steagall Act to prevent that bank theft; in ’99 the banks “bought” enough Congressmen to have it gutted.  (Economists like Richard Wolff have proposed rational alternatives.)
I have had lots of interesting cellmates (including Chelsea Clinton’s father-in-law, Congressman Ed Mezvinsky). Another cellmate was “Hans,” a Deutsche Bank exec. He taught me another aspect of high crime. He devised his own heist system—based upon the international scams he was daily observing/handling in NYC. Thru a not-so-complicated scheme, he grafted a scam-w/in-a-scam and sucked in Citibank, Goldman-Sachs and others (not his own bank).
Attributed to P.T. Barnum is the quote, “You can’t cheat an honest man.” His point was that the foundation to most scams is a touch of larceny; the sucker goes w/it because they think they’re getting away w/something.
The NY bank/financial syndicates thought they were routinely heisting several pension funds. Hans took them for $200 million. Of course, these corps were “connected,” so they got their gov’t pols to arrest Hans.
Hans laughed as he related it to me. He took an 11-yr rap. The banks never did recover the funds. Hans did his time and, last I heard he was on his yacht in the Carib. Let’s see … would you trade 11-yrs in Club Fed for $200 million? Sounds like a great retirement plan to me. While I was celling w/Hans, he even received a letter from Deutsche Bank assuring him that his job awaited his release.
I’m sure you’ve heard of Watergate. A president was forced to resign (the first in history), a US Attys General and a number of others were convicted and sent to prison. (Could you imagine that happening today?) The reporters for the Washington Post, Woodward and Bernstein, got much of their info from an inside source they called “Deep Throat.” That turned out to be Mark Felt, Associate Director of the FBI.

Felt’s advice to the reporters: Follow the Money. For corporatist-political-crime, that’s about as clear as one can get. Where are all those surviving players today? Working for big $$ finance firms, and being interviewed for their current “political and economic” opinions on Fox News, CNN, et al. So you tell me … does crime pay?
When Bush & Cheney were (s)elected to the White House by the Gang-of-Five co-conspirators on the US Supreme Court (having heisted the election), one of the first things they did is gut Clinton’s anti-terror/Al Qaeda/bin Laden initiatives.

Just business...

Just business…

The Bushes & Cheney had considerable history and business w/the Saudis and the bin Ladens … thick as thieves. They ignored all evidence—it was considerable and ongoing—that these Salafist fanatics were also terrorists. To the Bushes & Cheney it was all simply business… Enter 9/11.
I presume they thought at first: Holy Shit ! WTF!! But they soon recovered … “Oh well, how we gonna profit from this and keep our asses outta the line of fire?!?” (Hey! When you control the gov’t and its police, intel, military, etc., what’s the problem?)
When 9/11 occurred, there was a missed opportunity that we and the world are paying for to this day… The corporateers couldn’t afford to regard terrorism as a “criminal” offense, per se. Who knows where that could lead? People might actually start “following the money.”
When we sanction individual/group criminal actions as war, and corporations as “too big to fail,” we empower them and their “ideology.” I could go on w/examples all the long day…
The people, corporations, their political allies … the very system itself: It’s not just an “ideology.” It’s a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY.
Maybe it just takes one to know one

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD), October 2014

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Tennessee Deliverance–1963…

Here’s an ancient incident w/a lesson for today’s budding activists. It happened to me back in ’63 (I was 21). I won’t be around much longer, so pay attention. CountryStore-001

My Nashville bride didn’t like her New York stay. So, as agreed, she and the kids moved back to Tennessee.

I soon followed with a few belongings along with my old family photo album and other memorabilia.

Stopping my tricked-out ’57 Pontiac at a country store just outside Springfield, TN, I got some gas and a used tire at a cost of $11. more…